ToGG Month Two: Welcoming Hands

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Magos Baetus has arrived now to join with Alphion in the re-establishment of our House, he is a strange individual. Alphion was already hard to deal with at times, he is quiet and speaks in strange snipped sentences mixed in with the sounds of his buzzing clicking mechanisms, but Baetus seems almost unable to communicate with those of our house, He hisses, beeps and clicks, expecting us to understand strange noises and stares at us with those cold mechanical eyes as if we are to understand him.

Alphion has finished training us in the basic operation of our guardians and has now turned his attention to my Personal guards, he talks of “Upgrading” them, gifting them with strength better suited to fighting for the great father, my guards have agreed to the process however I do feel unease on the matter.. father please bless them.

House Nikudia will rise again, may the father hold us in his Arms once more.

-Lord Sirius of Nikudia


p.s. please forgive my lack of photos, the new rangers aren’t actually finished, I ran out of washes.

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  1. Corrode says:

    These are top bananas 😀

  2. Coda says:

    These look awesome and I cant wait to see more

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