2023 World Championships AOS Player Profile: Mathmallow

The World Championships of Warhammer are next week and we’re prepping by talking to some of the key competitors at this year’s event – many of whom are also competing for top honors in the ITC. We sat down with Mathmallow to talk to them about their plans and expectations for the event itself. 

Competitor Profile

Player name: Mathmallow

Age: 25

Country of Origin: Wales

Where you won your ticket: AO Teams

Let’s start with the basics. What army are you bringing to the World Championships, and why did you choose them?

Gitz- Super strong super fun army that is easy to transport out to Atlanta, I recently took them to Racoon Rumble a 180 persons event and went 6-0 with them there, they are a flexible and powerful army and an army where decision fatigue shouldn’t be too much of an issue across the many games I’m due to play in Atlanta 😊

Mathmallow's List - Click to Expand
Allegiance: Gloomspite Gitz
– Gittish Horde: King’s Gitz
– Grand Strategy: Chasing the Moon
– Triumphs: Indomitable

Skragrott, The Loonking (230)*
Squigboss with Gnasha-squig (110)**
– Artefact: Arcane Tome (Universal Artefact)
Webspinner Shaman (65)**
– General
– Command Trait: The Clammy Hand
– Lore of Primal Frost: Hoarfrost

15 x Boingrot Bounderz (450)*
– Reinforced x 2
15 x Boingrot Bounderz (450)*
– Reinforced x 2
20 x Moonclan Stabbas (120)
20 x Moonclan Stabbas (120)*

5 x Gobbapalooza (170)*
– Spell1: Lore of the Moonclans: The Hand of Gork
5 x Loonsmasha Fanatics (110)
5 x Loonsmasha Fanatics (110)*

Core Battalions
*Battle Regiment
**Andtorian Acolytes

Terrain Piece: Bad Moon Loonshrine

Total: 1935 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 4 / 4
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 129
Drops: 5

Run us through your list a little bit. What made you choose this list, and why do you enjoy playing it?

So my list runs a standard 2×15 boingrotz as they’re maybe the hardest units in AOS, especially with the addition of hoarfrost and the buffs they can receive from gobbapalooza and Squigboss. 

The gobbapalooza is a great toolkit that adds so much value with its 2 warscroll spells; No commands and -1 to hit aura.

Skragerrs is very good for magic control in a game as well as CP generation and also his inclusion in the list as a warmaster allows me to make a non moonclan hero my general whilst still allowing theboingrotz to be battleline.

Loonsmasha fanatics are a super fun part of my army that I love playing with, they are so chaotic and can really be a damn nusance hiding in my 2×20 stabba units that are also very hard to deal with with their innate -1 to hit In combat and ability to contest within 9” of objectives allow you to make some super fun plays with them early on! 

Kings gitz allows much more reliability in how often I can bring stuff back which is super good for trading purposes and often will give me the edge in games! 

What does the list do well against? What match-ups are you hoping to avoid? 

Honestly the list is designed to my playstyle that i have with most armies, which is that because I always assume my opponent is the best possible player playing the best possible Warhammer with their army. My list is designed so that it has no ‘easy’ wins but it also has no super bad matchups and I try and rely on my player skill to use the list and all the tools it has to offer to outscore and outplay my opponent 😊

Are there any battleplans that you’re hoping to avoid? Why?

From a list perspective I think every battleplan is fine in a vacuum however there are some situational matchups and battleplan combinations that could be problematic potentially, for example there is a battleplan where the squall means nothing can fly and targeting abilities have a range of 12” this specific battleplan is fine, however against khorne makes me more susceptible to making a mistake in deployment and having it exploited by the khorne player.

The World Championships of Warhammer isn’t the largest event ever, but it’s certainly the first of its kind. What was your road getting to the event like? Was it something you were aiming for?

This year has been a pretty chill year for me Warhammer wise honestly, had a bit of a health scare late last year so most of the first half of the year was me playing not at my best trying to recover, but since getting the all clear I’ve been playing more and have been trying to play more and more to get back to a better standard and I think I’m there now, I never aim for anything that requires winning honestly, as I’m much more of a good vibes oriented person and winning will always come second to that, however it is very nice to be able to win a ticket and come over and be able to represent Wales

How does it feel to be going to the event? Are you nervous? Excited? How does it compare to LVO?

Feels really good to be going to the US again, was previously here earlier in the year for NOVA and had a great time. I’m not nervous so much as im mostly excited to go and hang out with the friends and personalities I met then and know from the past and hopefully make even more connections and friends at the event.

Sadly I haven’t been to LVO yet but I am planning on doing so soon!

How do you feel about the event’s unique country-based scoring? Does it add excitement to later rounds for you?

I think the country based scoring is a cool unique system that will be fun for those that have representation across different game systems and as this event grows in years to come we’ll see it do better and better based on more inclusion from other nations, for me specifically tho I believe Wales only have 3 representatives across all the systems so we’re not really playing the top competing level when it comes to trying to be top country, however that doesn’t mean I won’t represent Wales with the values and dedication that she would expect of me and I’m always happy and proud at a chance to represent my home country! 

How do you expect the competition to be different from other events? Is there anything you’re doing differently to prepare?

I think there are a few differences, one being the not knowing any of the battleplans or first round matchup before day 1, definitely different from standard events but probably keeps the field more balanced, but I think it also means that last minute prep is probably not that important weirdly, aside from reading and understanding all the potential opponents lists in your pods ofc.

How do you expect you’ll do at the event? What’s a “good event” look like for you, record-wise?

So I always just aim to come out of an event positive and then anything better than that is a confidence booster, I think anyone thinking past the pod stage at this point is probably a little too confident in themselves tbh, I think once you get past the pods then you can start thinking about winning, it’s an intense field with great players so if it doesn’t happen it’s okay and I’ll just have a great time anyways 🙂 

How do you feel about competitive play in this GHB season? How does the meta feel to you right now?

I think the Meta is pretty awesome atm, I think a few armies are a little too at the top (Gitz for sure) but I think with GW staying more on top of changes in recent time the meta does seem to be much more healthy and less stagnant.

Thanks again for taking the time to answer our questions. Good luck at the event!