40k Badcast 69 – This Time, We’re All Horndogs

The Goonhammer group is made up of dozens of multi-talented authors, many of whom have other projects outside of the site. In addition to their work here, Dan Boyd and Crudblossom “Coldgore “Netlist “SRM” McJamboree” McWumba” McLobsterfest have their own podcast, the 40K Badcast, which is not owned by nor affiliated with Goonhammer, but is still very cool and good all the same.

It’s finally here: the wettest, wildest, weirdest, and most importantly, horniest Badcast yet. The fellas talk, horniest Space Marine Chapters, which Primarchs could get it, and Campbell brings a true gem in the form of this episode’s Fact or Fanfiction. Get the scented candles, massage oil, and strip on down, because this one gets sticky, y’all.

Listen Here