The Goonhammer FAQ Hot Take – Codex: Grey Knights

It’s a double FAQ-day fiesta this week, with Grey Knights and Thousand Sons joining Orks in picking up a set of clarifications. Obviously it is shameful that neither of these landed on the one correct slot of Hot Take Thursday, but getting updates is always welcome, so let’s see what’s in store. In this article we’ll be covering the lighter of the two FAQs – Codex: Grey Knights.

Grey Knights

Use the Points in the Munitorum Field Manual

Clarifying what was essentially already clear, for the purposes of Grey Knight points costs the Munitorum Field Manual 2021 Mk II provides the correct values (as opposed to the temporary points published prior to the Codex release). Good news for anyone kicking around hilarious plans with Land Raiders or Stormravens.

Empyric Declamation Has to be a Litany You Know

In line with the improved wording seen in the Adepta Sororitas codex, Empyric Declamation has been updated to make it explicit that you have to know the Litany you want to chant.

Vortex of Doom and Psychic Epitome absolutely do not combo

Vortex of Doom has a specific rider to stop it working with the Psychic Epitome Warlord Trait, but the way it was written in the book didn’t actually stop the combo working in all cases. Now it does.

Tide of Convergence mortal wounds now capped at 6 per enemy unit per phase

Tide of Convergence picks up a cap on the number of mortals (6) that can be inflicted on each enemy unit per phase. That’s a mild nerf, but generally when you were hitting that cap it was as part of the Words of Power wombo-combo and the “good” news there is…

Words of Power and Tide of Convergence Definitely Stack

The FAQ makes clear that rolling a six to wound while under the effects of both Tide of Convergence and Words of Power abilities triggers the Mortal Wound from both effects, so using these together to drop a shedload of Mortals on a key target is a-OK. Even better, Words doesn’t have a cap on the number per phase, so you can still pile the bodies high with that ability while capping out at 6 from Tide of Convergence.


Overall these adjustments to the Grey Knights are pretty light and mostly what we’ve expected. Recent faction results have shown the book to be a contender – though not on the level of Drukhari or Admech – and better than many (including ourselves) anticipated initially. The actual competitive builds they have may be somewhat limited, but those lists can hit like an absolute hammer and just casually throw out mortal wounds, plus they can completely blank Thousand Sons when the two meet. It’ll be interesting to see how they stack up in the coming weeks.

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