40k FAQ Update: Games Workshop Fixes Supreme Commanders in Arks of Omen

Yesterday Games Workshop released an FAQ for the Arks of Omen GT Missions pack that gave us a couple of small tweaks. We noted in our hot take that there were still some unresolved issues with it, one of them being that there were issues with the Supreme Commanders with set subfaction keywords, as these couldn’t legally be included in detachments using other subfaction keywords.

Today GW issued an update to the FAQ – read that here – which contains additional text addressing this issue. Your army can now only include a single SUPREME COMMANDER unit, and only in an Arks of Omen Detachment (they can’t go in your allied patrol detachment). You can now include Abaddon, the Silent King, Shadowsun, Belisarius Cawl, and an ADEPTUS ASTARTES PRIMARCH in a subfaction Detachment even if they don’t share the subfaction keyword. That primarch only gets a Chapter Tactic if every Chapter unit in that detachment shares a keyword. That last one is a bit weird since it seems like it could just say “Roboute Guilliman” and “Ultramarines” but maybe we’re reading too much into it.

Additionally there’s a note that adding these Supreme Commanders doesn’t stop you from benefitting from detachment rules.

So while Dogwalker is still off the menu as far as competitive play is concerned, Abaddon and the Silent King can once again waltz their way back into our competitive lists, though at 350 points, the former is less likely to see play than before. This is a solid change that closes up one of the big issues we had with Arks. Now they just need to fix Daemons so you can get warp storm abilities for a god without making your entire army monogod…