9th Edition Faction Focus Round-up

9th edition released on July 25th, and our team has been hard at work on a series of faction focuses looking at every single army in the game and how they fare in the new edition – what rules affect them, how their points changed, and what their prospects are in the near future. We’ve rounded them all up below – check out your faction, or your nemesis, to see what we thought.

Space Marines





Unaligned Fortifications

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this series as much as we have writing it (well, apart from all the times that ‘writing it’ involved Wings being up at 2am desperately trying to fight through the house of cards horror show that is the T’au codex). These are a great start to seeing how your faction is doing at the very start of 9th, but don’t worry – if you like these bite-size takes but long for the full-fat Start Competing series to make its return, rest assured that we’ll be updating those articles from 8th to 9th edition as soon as we can.