A Plasma Gun and a Flak Jacket: Astra Militarum Kill Team Tactics

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Astra Militarum Kill Teams

In a universe of genetically engineered super soldiers, combat cyborgs, gene-stealing aliens and even genetically engineered super-duper soldiers, the Astra Militarum, often better known as the Imperial Guard, are men and women with a lasrifle (or a plasma gun) and some guts. 

In this article I’ll talk about playing, collecting and winning games with these common soldiers in Kill Team.


  • Easy access to plasma – Overcharged plasma is one of the best weapon profiles in Kill Team with how it wounds most things on 2’s and everything on 3’s, cuts through armor, and kills on an injury roll 75% of the time of the enemy is in the open and 55% of the time if they’re behind cover. Imperial Guard can realistically take 7-8 models with Plasma Guns and represent a serious threat to power armored enemies.
  • Orders have powerful effects – You can get an extra reroll 1 to hit, shoot after advancing or falling back, make an extra move, or turn the right models into combat monsters.
  • Cheap models make it easy to play objective games – Space Marines or Custodes can have trouble leaving a 15-30 point model behind to babysit an objective, but Guard have no problem having a 5 point model camp out on a deckchair all game.


  • You’re weak – Your soldiers might have the most dangerous weapons in the game, but they have armor made of tissue paper and bolters hurt. 
  • You have puny human eyeballs – Your average BS is fairly low and your weapons can hurt you. It can be easy to be hitting on 5s or 6s, and if the enemy has an invulnerable save then overcharging can be as dangerous to you as to them.
  • Space Marines know no fear, but you do – Low leadership means that casualties can easily cause you to chain rout, so you can’t afford to recklessly throw the lives of your men away.
Valhallans by SRM

The Imperial Guard, seen here posing with a Chimera. Credit: SRM

Regimental Doctrines

These doctrines represent the specialized skills that Guardsmen from different worlds have. Unlike some armies, not every model can access every doctrine. Models fall broadly into three categories.

  • Regimental Soldiers: These are your standard Guardsmen and officers. For every doctrine except Militarum Tempestus, these are the models that will gain the benefit of the doctrine. Note that Astra Ministorum qualifies under here, so Pious Vorne and Gotfret both qualify for Regimental Doctrines.
  • Militarum Tempestus: These are more or less Imperial Special Forces. They train and operate separately from standard guardsmen so they don’t benefit from standard doctrines. If there are no standard regimental soldiers then they will benefit from the Storm Troopers doctrine.
  • Auxilia: Commissars, Ogryns, Bullgryns, and Psykers. These models never benefit from doctrines, but they also don’t prevent other models from taking doctrines.

The doctrines are:

Cadian: Born Soldiers

Reroll hits of 1 in the shooting phase if you didn’t move. If you didn’t move and were issued the “Take Aim!” order, reroll all failed hits.

Rerolling 1s is a powerful ability in a team full of plasma guns, but needing to stand still is a large price to pay. This makes your positioning easy to predict and makes it easy for the enemy to play games with your rapid fire range or line of sight. My experience has been that this can be a trap, but clever positioning can also make it strong.

Catachan: Brutal Strength

Add 1 to your model’s Strength Characteristic, +1 leadership if they’re within 6” of a friendly Catachan Officer.

Your average soldier doesn’t benefit much from this, but it can be a nice boost for sergeants and officers that can take power weapons to make use of the strength. Gotfret and Pious Vorne also benefit from this because of their increased melee profile. Otherwise a melee boost to single attack models isn’t enough to expect a real return. The leadership bonus is nice but it only works in Commanders games.

Valhallan: Grim Demeanor

Use D3s instead of D6s for nerve tests.

One of the drawbacks I listed above is that Guard have morale problems, and this fixes that. It’s not a particularly interesting ability, but it helps you score objectives and keep on fighting in turns 3 and 4. If you’re looking to compete it’s one of the better doctrines.

Vostroyan: Heirloom Weapons

Models with this doctrine do not suffer hit penalties at long range.

This is another doctrine that shores up a weakness for Imperial Guard. Models with this doctrine will generally be BS4, so this means that you can take pot shots with plasma guns or fire a meltagun off within charging range and have a decent chance of hitting. 

Armageddon: Industrial Efficiency

Models with this doctrine rapid fire at 18” instead of half range.

The only weapons that benefit from this are lasguns and plasma guns, but those are both very solid. In a more open field this can enable you to concentrate fire where you want it. Just remember that long range still isn’t affected, so you’ll be putting out twice as many shots but they still won’t be accurate.

Tallarn: Swift as the Wind

Models with this doctrine with rapid fire, assault or grenade weapons can shoot without penalty after advancing.

This is another very strong doctrine. Extra movement makes it easier for you to get in cover, get around enemy cover, take objectives and play with ranges. This is strong in both the standard shooting matchups and the matchups against melee armies where you want to watch charge ranges very closely.

Militarum Tempestus: Storm Troopers

Models with this doctrine get extra attacks when a shot on a close range enemy rolls a 6 to hit.

Extra shots are always nice but most competitive armies will want to include normal Guardsmen. If you decide that you don’t want normal Guardsmen then this is strong enough that you should use it.

Mordian: Parade Drill

Models with this doctrine get +1 Leadership and overwatch on a 5+ when they are touching bases with two other models with this doctrine. 

Touching bases with other models with this doctrine can be surprisingly restrictive since you tend to want to mix Scions with your Mordians, but the effect is fairly strong. I wouldn’t recommend it as a competitive option but it’s not that bad.


Once per turn at the beginning of the Shooting phase, a Leader or Officer can give a friendly non-Ogryn or Bullgryn Astra Militarum model within 12” one of the following effects.

Take Aim!: Re-roll hit rolls of 1 for the ordered model until the end of the phase. 

This is generally the default option since Guard are a shooting faction. This helps prevent plasma from overheating.

Bring it Down!: Re-roll wound rolls of 1 for the ordered model until the end of the phase.

Bring it Down! is generally worse than Take Aim!. They both give the same 7/6 raw bonus to effective attacks but Take Aim! also prevents overheating. If you have a wound effect then this can be reasonable.

Forwards, for the Emperor!: The ordered model can shoot even if it Advanced in the previous Movement phase.

This can be a great way to get a powerful weapon in position to make an important shot.

Get Back in the Fight!: The ordered model can shoot this phase, even if it Fell Back in the Movement phase.

Units that fall back are often in a great position to shoot what they were fighting, so this can open up high value shots.

Move! Move! Move!: Instead of shooting this phase, the ordered model immediately makes an Advance move as if it were the Movement phase. 

This prevents the Guardsmen from shooting, but it can make a game when you use this to block doors, contest objectives or get an important model out of harm’s way.

Fix Bayonets!: This order can only be issued to a model within 1″ of an enemy model. The ordered model immediately fights as if it were the Fight phase.

Fix Bayonets! is the most situational order but it can also be the most powerful. The important thing to note is that this lets you fight out of sequence in the shooting phase, which pre-empts any other Fight First ability. A power fist Tempestor with this order can clear out a combat before it’s even begun and then let the models that were previously locked in combat start shooting. Imperial Guard lack easy access to Combat or Zealot specializations, but they can use the Medic tactic to give models an extra attack.

Imperial Guard Units

Core Units


Your most basic model. A lasgun, flak armor and BS4 means that they’re unlikely to hurt anything and they’re also unlikely to survive other things trying to hurt them. Fortunately, most competitive missions reward you for having cheap extra models that can sit back and hold objectives or play games with doors. One Guardsman can take a Vox-Caster that lets your entire team re-roll failed nerve tests if he’s on the battlefield and unshaken, which goes well with the “coward that hides in the back” role these guys can play. You can also take a Special Weapons Guardsman, which is a normal guardsman aside from the different data sheet, as your leader if you have other plans for the sergeant.

Guardsmen Gunners

These come in both the normal squads and the Special Weapon Squads, but they’re the same model outside of a few corner cases. These have an option of taking a flamer, grenade launcher, plasma gun, meltagun or sniper rifle. None of the options are terrible, but meltaguns can have accuracy issues with anything over 6” being long range and Guardsmen being BS4, and sniper rifles don’t have the properties you’re looking for in a weapon in Kill Team (fire on the move, S5+, AP-1+ and D2+). Plasma rifles are great vs power armored enemies and flamers work great against melee hordes, with grenade launchers being worse than either but good enough that you’ll take them sometimes.


These are the leaders for your basic Guardsmen. You can upgrade them if you want, but they lack the BS or WS to really make use of the weapons you can give them. Make one of these a leader and sit him in the back to give orders and they’ll make the rest of the team shine.


The special forces variant of your normal Guardsmen. Remember that these won’t get doctrines unless the team is a Storm Troopers detachment,  so they’re not a strict upgrade over your typical Guardsmen. They’re a little tougher and more killy than your standard Guardsmen but not enough that they’re really worth taking. They can also take a Vox Caster but you’ll end up with a more expensive body sitting in the back.

Tempestus Scions

Tempestus Scions. Credit: Corrode

Scion Gunner

Similar to your standard gunners, but these soldiers have an extra point of BS, heavier armor, they replace the sniper rifle with the hot-shot volley gun and they can deep strike with Elites. The hot-shot volley gun is a solid heavy weapon, similar in many ways to a heavy bolter, and it can let you lock down corridors. Meltaguns are a better option here than on Guardsmen Gunners since Scions can deep strike within half range to ignore the -1 to hit and get the improved damage roll. Plasma and flamers are still very good in match ups where they make sense.


These can be run as leaders, similar to the standard sergeant, but one thing that stands out here is the upgrade to WS 3+ and the option to give him a power fist. You don’t have the options to make him truly good in melee, but your Fix Bayonets!  order lets him fight first and the power fist is enough to threaten most models in the game. Keeping him as a counter charge unit can be strong in the right match up.


New in Elites, Bullgryns take the ranged swarm concept that Imperial Guard previously had and go in the complete opposite direction. These guys are tough and they hit hard in melee. You’ll want the Bullgryn Maul over the grenadier gauntlet since the two points of damage make the melee much more consistent at actually ending people, but the defensive options are more dependent on your opponent. The invulnerable save is good against a lot of teams that bring high quality weapons, but the 2+ save is great against Tyranids or Chaos swarms that want to drown you in attacks. The sergeant upgrade is only a single point for an extra attack so you’ll usually want to take it.

Before the recent FAQ you could order them to Fix Bayonets!, which was pretty ridiculous, but that’s been removed. If you see someone try it on you don’t let them.

Bullgryn by Corrode

Bullgryn. Credit: Corrode


The more reasonable cousins of the Bullgryns. The lack of a multi-damage weapon means that they won’t reliably take models out of action and the 5+ save isn’t that tough, but they’re reasonably priced, fight decently well in melee and at range and they’re still tough against a lot of the weapons that can give Guard problems. I don’t consider them to be too competitive but they’re not bad either.

Rein and Raus

The Ratling explorers from Blackstone Fortress can be taken in Imperial Guard teams. They have enough special rules for scampering around terrain in the background and putting out shots that they can be fun to use, but they don’t really open too much up. Remember that specialist retainers don’t count against your specialist limit.

Pious Vorne

Vorne can be a good way to add some close combat backbone to your team. 2 wounds and a feel no pain on 5+ makes her reasonably tough for 15 points and she has an improved melee weapon and flamer. One oddity is that Adeptus Ministorum is not on the Auxilia list, so she and other Ministorum models can be given regimental doctrines such as Catachan.

Gotfret de Montbard

Like Pious Vorne he’s a Adeptus Ministorum model, so if you want to make the S3 power sword less anemic you can bump him up to S4 with Catachan. 3 wounds, a 3+ invulnerable save and 5 attacks in melee (due to some oddities on the wording of his abilities, this may be FAQ’d at some point) make him a reasonably strong brawler that can change the flavor of a team.


Sly Marbo

AKA Rambo. His raw stats aren’t that amazing but the Legendary Hunter rules and a few of his special rules can make him fun and interesting. Legendary Hunter makes him significantly tougher (he gets an extra -1 to hit or injured from being obscured and ignores flesh wounds) and gives him extra movement options. If he is put in reserves he can always show up more than 5” from an enemy model, and once per game you can remove him from the battlefield and put him in reserves. Additionally, when he comes out of reserves he can either try a d6 range charge, shoot an extra time or set off explosions around the map. You’ll want to trigger this bullshit at least twice.

When it comes to his actual combat stats he’s a little less ridiculous. He does not interact with Orders but he has a pistol and a knife that let him wound on 2+ and he has WS and BS 2+. This means that he’ll wound anything, but he has no AP and can have trouble punching through armored enemies. He also has fairly standard Guard defenses with a 5+ save and 3 points of toughness. If you do need to get through armor he has a 2 CP tactic that lets him replace one of his attacks with a chance at D3 wounds.

Taddeus the Purifier

He has fairly mediocre stats but gives all Astra Militarum models in 6” an extra attack. He can help you make gimmick melee Guard lists viable.

Espern Locarno

The Imperial Guard psyker option. He has an improved psybolt (she gets to choose the target) and a 4+ invulnerable save, but he’s otherwise unremarkable. Still, Commander rules for psykers are quite good and he makes for a very strong option to lead your team.

Aradia Madellan

New in the most Blackstone Fortress, Aradia is the beefier alternative to Espern. She lacks Espern’s special psybolt and the 4+ invulnerable save, but she gets a real melee profile (3 S5 AP-1 DD3 attacks are no joke), and she has a small gimmick to help her allies ignore flesh wounds. I personally don’t believe that she’s worth the extra points but she’s still very competent.

Inquisitor Eisenhorn

He’s not strictly an Imperial Guard model, but he can be taken as a commander for guard kill teams, which makes sense since he did it several times in his books. He’s a little expensive and not well focused, but he’s a surprisingly competent commander at everything his profile offers. He’s a psyker with a nice extra power, but he isn’t a psyker specialist so he doesn’t always get the power to go off. In return he’s a strategist, which is one of the strongest competitive commander specializations. He’s reasonably strong in melee and somewhat tough, although 5 T3 4+ wounds aren’t going to stand up to a dedicated assault. He also has a leadership aura, which is very relevant in Guard, and he has a nice bonus vs Xenos that makes him downright terrifying for them to fight. He isn’t specialized but he does everything well enough to be a competitive option.

Janus Draik

Another Imperium keyworded commander, Janus is not Guard and explicitly doesn’t benefit from Guard tactics, but he’s still available as an option. He has a 4+ invulnerable save and a few nice weapons that make him a decent combatant, and he’s leadership specced, which gives a nice leadership bonus to models in the team while he’s around.

Nayem Shai Murad

The second rogue trader. She specializes in shooting her pistols, which are decent but not actually that great. I personally wouldn’t take her unless she got a second point of damage on her pistols.

Commissar/Lord Commissar

They can hold their own in melee, but the main strength is that if you spend 1 CP then allies within 6” automatically pass nerve tests. Lord Commissars have improved melee stats.


Commissar. Credit:Corrode

Severina Raine

She’s the named Commissar from Honorbound. She’s more or less a normal commissar with a special rule when she’s in melee. She’s not really designed to win fights in melee, or even survive them, so it’s a fairly mediocre rule. In general she’s not worth taking, but her model is great.

Platoon/Company Commander

Company Officers won’t win fights against dedicated melee units but they can hold their own with a power fist or sword. Their main strength is that they have improved orders. For 2 CP they can give their order in a 6” radius, which can help a strong firing line reroll 1’s or let an entire group of Guardsmen fall back and shoot.

Tempestor Prime

He’s very similar to the other commanders. With a command rod he can give out two orders a turn, but his tactic lets him give all friendly units within 6” a 5+ overwatch.

Imperial Guard Tactics

Many tournaments will only allow tactics from the Core rule book or Elites, so don’t grow too attached to box tactics.

Aerial Drop – Elites

This lets you deep strike up to 3 Scions. Kill Team deep strikes let you get within 5” of an enemy model which puts you in melta range, but you can also deep strike less aggressively to be in rapid fire plasma range or take an objective. This only works in missions that allow reserves but it’s very powerful. 

Defensive Stand – Core

Spend 2 CP to overwatch on 5+. This only works on a single model but it works for every overwatch that model takes this phase. 5+ overwatch isn’t terribly reliable but the strong weapons Guard can take make this dangerous.

Cunning Strategy – Core

Spend 2 CP to issue another order. Orders are strong but most are worse than the 1cp reroll. This can be situationally good.

Get Down! – Core

Spend 1 CP to give an obscured model an additional -1 to hit. Stacking extra debuffs to hit will give you a lot of extra survivability so this can be a strong tactic.

Reserves of Courage – Core

Spend 1 CP to roll a D3 instead of a D6 for nerve tests for a single model. Valhallans get this for free, and Insane Bravery is strictly better so you’ll rarely use this.

Sir, Yes Sir! – Drop Force Imperator

Spend 2 CP to make an order a 3” aoe. This is very strong since you can stack up a bunch of plasma gunners and give all of them reroll 1’s to hit or have several models all fight first.

Reconnaissance Protocols – Drop Force Imperator

Gives a pre-game 2d6” move. This is generally worse than the veteran move but it can be useful if see something important during deployment.

Adrenal Shot – Drop Force Imperator

Spend 1 CP to ignore Mortal Wounds on a 5+ for a single model. 

Fight To The Death – Drop Force Imperator

1 CP to give an injury roll an additional -1 penalty. This can be useful on a model that’s obscured and has no flesh wounds, but you have to figure out how likely the model is to survive and what they’ll do for you if they do live. Flesh wounded Guard don’t tend to fight well, but they can still sit on objectives.

Vengeance For Cadia! – Drop Force Imperator

1 CP to reroll all hits and wounds when shooting at Heretic Astartes. This is very strong in the right situation but it only works against a single faction.

Grenadiers – Drop Force Imperator

1CP to throw a second grenade. Lots of Guard models have bad guns and decent grenades so this can be worth it.

Playing Imperial Guard in Kill Team

The traditional playstyle for Imperial Guard is massed special weapons. You get 4 special weapons on your normal Guardsmen and 4 on Scion gunners, which means you can realistically run teams with 8 plasma, deep striking meltaguns, piles of flamers, etc. Only Ad Mech can take a similar amount of high quality firepower, most factions are happy with 2-3 special guns. You pay for this with a lack of durability, vulnerability to nerve tests, and a lack of accurate fire. If you don’t position well then you’ll find yourself rolling for impossible shots while you get ripped apart by common weapons and your team falls apart. Do it right and you’ll barbecue Plague Marines. 

With the release of more supplements, melee Guard has become viable. You’ll still want your share of special weapons but models like Gotfret, Pious Vorne, Tempestors and Ogryns can act as a front line and keep Orks or Berserkers off of your plasma.

The regimental doctrines play a big part in shaping your team. Unlike some teams none are stand out must takes, but a lot of them let you shore up weaknesses or do something neat. Tallarns are mobile, Valhallans can take casualties and keep fighting, Cadians make a great gunline, etc. There are a lot of good options so don’t feel like you’re forced to build a certain way to be competitive.

Sample Roster

100 Point Competitive

  • Leader – Sergeant w/ Bolt Pistol and Chainsword, Valhallan
  • Leader – Sergeant w/ Bolt Pistol and Power Sword, Catachan
  • Specialist Retainer – Gotfret de Montebard, Catachan
  • Specialist Retainer – Pious Vorne, Catachan
  • Demolitions Specialist – Guardsman Gunner w/ Flamer, Catachan
  • Sniper Specialist – Scion Gunner w/ Plasma Gun
  • Heavy Specialist – Scion Gunner w/ Hot -shot Volley Gun
  • Veteran Specialist – Special Weapons Gunner w/ Plasma Gun, Valhallan
  • Veteran Specialist – Tempestor w/ Power Fist
  • Guardsman w/ Vox Caster, Catachan
  • Guardsman w/ Vox Caster, Valhallan
  • Guardsman Gunner w/ Plasma Gun, Valhallan
  • Ogryn Bone’ead
  • Scion Gunner w/ Hot-shot Volley Gun
  • Scion Gunner w/ Plasma Gun
  • Scion Gunner w/ Plasma Gun
  • Special Weapons Gunner w/ Flamer, Valhallan
  • Special Weapons Gunner w/ Flamer, Valhallan
  • Special Weapons Gunner w/ Plasma Gun, Valhallan
  • Special Weapons Gunner w/ Plasma Gun, Valhallan

If you’re not familiar with Kill Team rosters, this isn’t a single team that you place on the battlefield. We’ll use this twenty man roster to build 100 point teams after we’ve seen the enemy’s roster. This also isn’t designed to be hyper optimal. This roster is reasonably competitive but I’ve also chosen it to showcase some of the interesting things you can do with an Imperial Guard roster.

Team Anti-Power Armor

  • Leader – Sergeant w/ Bolt Pistol and Chainsword, Valhallan
  • Sniper Specialist – Scion Gunner w/ Plasma Gun
  • Heavy Specialist – Scion Gunner w/ Hot -shot Volley Gun
  • Veteran Specialist – Special Weapons Gunner w/ Plasma Gun, Valhallan
  • Guardsman w/ Vox Caster, Valhallan
  • Scion Gunner w/ Plasma Gun
  • Scion Gunner w/ Plasma Gun
  • Guardsman Gunner w/ Plasma Gun, Valhallan
  • Special Weapons Gunner w/ Plasma Gun, Valhallan
  • Special Weapons Gunner w/ Plasma Gun, Valhallan

This team plays rocket tag. Your enemy is bringing BS3 weapons that wound you on a 3+ and get through your armor ⅔ of the time. You’re bringing weapons that wound them on a 2+ and don’t give them an armor save. You have to position so you get cover and they don’t, and you have to prioritize the targets well.

Iron Hands Intercessor by Booley

Deal with Intercessors with this one weird trick: overcharged plasma guns. Chapter Masters hate it! Credit: Jack Hunter

Team Anti-Chaos

  • Leader – Sergeant w/ Bolt Pistol and Power Sword, Catachan
  • Specialist Retainer – Gotfret de Montebard, Catachan
  • Specialist Retainer – Pious Vorne, Catachan
  • Veteran Specialist – Tempestor w/ Power Fist
  • Demolitions Specialist – Guardsman Gunner w/ Flamer, Catachan
  • Ogryn Bone’ead
  • Guardsman w/ Vox Caster, Catachan

This team is more for fighting Khorne Berserkers backed up by cultists or Thousand Sons with a few Tzaangors. You have several high quality melee models that can kill off a threat in the shooting phase with Fix Bayonets!, flamers to clear out hordes and the Guardsman with Vox Caster sits in the back and keeps everyone’s morale up. Against Psykers you’ll use the multi-wound characters to tank psybolts.

Another take on this would be to take a mix of plasma and flamer as Valhallans.

Khorne Berzerker

Punch him right in those stupid teeth – Credit: Games Workshop

Team Anti-Horde

  • Leader – Sergeant w/ Bolt Pistol and Power Sword, Catachan
  • Specialist Retainer – Gotfret de Montebard, Catachan
  • Specialist Retainer – Pious Vorne, Catachan
  • Sniper Specialist – Scion Gunner w/ Plasma Gun
  • Heavy Specialist – Scion Gunner w/ Hot-shot Volley Gun
  • Demolitions Specialist – Guardsman Gunner w/ Flamer, Catachan
  • Guardsman w/ Vox Caster, Catachan
  • Scion Gunner w/ Hot-shot Volley Gun

You can take this against Orks, other Guard, Ad Mech, Genestealers, etc. Gotfret and Vorne still frontline but this gives away some of the melee ability for extra special weapons. A pair of Hot-shot Volley Guns lock down open areas, the plasma sniper can pick off important targets and Vorne and the Demo flamer chew up anything that gets too close.

Skitarii Ranger

Clear this guy out with hot-shot volley guns. Credit: Pendulin

Fighting Imperial Guard

Throughout this article I’ve reiterated that Guard players need to position well to win. If you’re fighting them the same goes for you. Stay in cover, keep track of what long range is for your opponent, keep track of flamer range (and try to charge from outside of it or around corners) and prioritize your targets. Most competitive games are objective oriented so you want to trap your enemy as he runs his squishy little meat bags up. Also keep in mind that guard have relatively few tricks to keep their morale up so if you can spread out damage they are prone to chain-routing.

If you’re selecting a kill team, you can prioritize invulnerable saves and high volume fire. Guard are vulnerable to most weapons so don’t feel like you need to bring anything heavy, but a lot of the good weapons like plasma are cheap enough that you might as well take it. Guard are also surprisingly short ranged so if you have options like Suppressors or heavy bolters that can sit back and deal damage then they can be worthwhile.

Painting and Modeling Imperial Guard

Guard have a long model history that I won’t go over, so if you want to customize them to be your own you can find models from different eras that represent different regiments and give a unique look. Currently, the GW webstore gives you an option of Catachans, Steel Legion or Cadians.

Whatever style you choose, the biggest struggle will be finding special weapons. Most of them come one to a box of 5-10 men, which means that you’d have to buy 60+ models to outfit a 20 man roster. My recommendation is to just buy the boxes for the basic troops you want and look at bits stores or ebay to fill out the rest.

The specialist retainers can be had by buying the Blackstone Fortress games, but if you’re just interested in the models you’ll find people parting out the sprues on eBay.

Final Thoughts

Playing Imperial Guard in Kill Team means leading the untold trillions in their fight against space bugs and witches. Despite the everyman image, they’re actually a very strong kill team in the hands of a good player. They have strong options for both arena and open field games and have reasonable plans against every team in the game. That said, I’m not sure I’d always recommend them as a tournament team for an inexperienced player. They don’t have a good one box (or even 2-3 box) option for building a competitive team, and playing them well requires you to think a turn or two ahead of where everything will be positioned and to understand the rules well.

If you’re a more experienced hobbyist or you enjoy the challenge of finding the bits to make the team you want then I’d highly recommend Guard. They’re fun and strong and play well in a world of super humans and monsters.


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