A Printable Scoring Sheet for 9th Edition

Hi everyone,

We recently wrote a great number of words about events and the potential value of having the first turn. Separately, we’ve also gotten requests for a printable custom score sheet for 9th edition games (the one in the GT 2020 Mission Pack, while serviceable, is far from ideal). So we’ve decided to (hopefully) kill two birds with one stone. We’ve already asked tournament organizers to send us data for their events on which players went first each round, but if you’re looking for a helpful way to track that for a small event, or you just want a better score sheet to work with when you play, we’ve got you covered.

This printable score sheet has everything you need to track for primary and secondary scoring, with a few extra bells and whistles to make tracking your games easier. Give it a download and let us know what you think! And if you’re feeling frisky, shoot us an email with the the results of your games along with the size of the game played, factions, and whether it was at an event or a casual game. We’re always interested in more data.

We’d also love feedback on this, so if you have any questions or suggestions, drop us a note in the comments below or email us at contact@goonhammer.com.