A Special Thank You to Our Patrons

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Wow. We started our official Patreon this week, with an announcement on Wednesday, asking for your donations to cover our server costs. And man did y’all deliver. In just a few days, you cobbled together to ensure that, on a monthly basis, we’re now able to cover the bulk of the site’s traffic/operating costs. Thank you so much! We’re still looking for more donations to cover things like site improvements and funding upcoming events (such as the Goonhammer Open tournament series), but in the meantime, we wanted to extend a special “Thank You” to the Patrons that made this all possible. And if you want to support us but haven’t yet, feel free to hop on over to our Patreon using the button on the right (or the link I put in the text) — we’re working on adding more rewards for our Patrons, and we’re in the process of setting up a Discord for our $5 patrons to access.

When we started Goonhammer, we weren’t sure that people would really want to read 10-thousand word articles about anything, let alone Warhammer. Now we’re trying to figure out how we can write more and expand the breadth of games we cover! Thank you so much for making it all possible.

-The Goonhammer Team


Special Thanks to Our Patrons

  • Scott Roberts
  • Alex Selth
  • Nick Hamm
  • Jordan Weiss
  • Andrew McTighe
  • Luke Purdue
  • Michael Sinter
  • Iron guy
  • Groetgaffel
  • Colten Contreras
  • No One
  • Chuck Liddell
  • Chris Czimskey (nice.)
  • Crispin Walker-Buckton (nice.)
  • Luke Wonder (nice.)
  • Brojo (nice.)
  • Andrew Palka (nice.)
  • Matt Bruner (nice.)
  • Robert Caldwell (nice.)
  • Peter Dunlea
  • Wayne Mak
  • Brian ‘Brunio’ Rahn
  • David Noonan
  • Andrew Tatro
  • Christopher Tatro
  • Hedzer van Dijk
  • Ted
  • James Vineyard
  • Hectron Berenjena
  • Arranon
  • Graham Jenkins
  • SoylentRobot
  • Gotchacoverd
  • Matthew Bennett
  • Grant Bolton
  • Chris Bowles
  • Adam Shaw
  • Jason lenore
  • Matthew Goller
  • Kevin Spyrle
  • Luca Vicariotto
  • Christopher Bettis
  • James Kelling
  • Utz Riehl
  • Linus Eklund
  • Ray
  • Rob Baer
  • Kay Sharrock
  • Arkangelmark5
  • Christian Teigås
  • Bob G
  • Victorik
  • Etienne BEUREUX
  • Victor Krüger Andersen
  • Amy Gatzmeyer
  • Justo Castaño
  • Immanentized
  • Quocvuong Tran
  • Jake Cordero
  • Luke R
  • TheRedWolf
  • Matt Penn
  • Richard Pearce
  • Ben Hughes

…And also everyone who bought a shirt or other merch on Redbubble!


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