Administratum: A Very Special Update (December 25th, 2022)

This time, on a very special Administratum update, we’ve got long-awaited features that our Patrons have been patiently waiting for. Features so revolutionary and groundbreaking that they will surely leave you quaking with whispers of “huh, neat” on your breath.

You Can Finally Delete Games

That’s right, you can finally delete games. Campaign owners, you got a little something extra with this too – you can delete games on behalf of your players!

Administratum – Putting the D in CRUD since Christmas 2022

And for Campaign owners, if your players are recording Validated Games, then those are a little more locked down. Validated Games can only be deleted by campaign admins and moderators! Validated Games: No taksies backsies, unless the campaign staff says so.

You might be wondering why it took so long for Administratum to delete games. I’ve talked about this on our Discord, but it’s complicated. Administratum does its best to unweave the tapestry of game side effects, but there are some situations that have no easy way out.

For example, you record a game in which a unit gains a Battle Scar. Afterwards, you spend your only Requisition Point on removing that scar via Repair and Recuperate. However, you decide to hide your shame and delete the game entirely. What should Administratum do? In principle this scenario is easy to resolve: everything stays the same. But what happens if you spent that RP on a different Requisition like buying a Warlord Trait? Does deleting that game also delete that Warlord Trait? What if you removed that scar via a codex-specific mechanic that didn’t cost RP? What if a unit leveled up and earned a Battle Honour, which you claimed as a Weapon Enhancement – does Administratum roll that enhancement back?

The complexity graph of unwinding a game sprawls out infinitely. So Administratum will DO IT’S BEST to unwind the game and it will let you know of any issues it comes across.

Yes, it’s a lot of words. You should see the code.

But that’s not all for today’s update. We’ve got another treat for campaign owners.

Campaign Admins and Moderators

Is your campaign getting larger and larger, and you need help running it? Warhound Patrons can now create moderators for their campaign!

More responsibility without more pay? Alice is learning a hard lesson about the real world.

Moderators have all the same permission as campaign admins, except moderators can’t delete the campaign itself. Perfect for lending a helping hand on keeping the campaign up and running. But what if you want to hand off ownership of the campaign entirely? That’s where admins come into play!

I’m not sure which is the correct tax form for declaring you own a campaign

Admins fully own the campaign and can do anything they want with them, so be careful handing out that power. While you can have multiple admins on a campaign, it’s also the perfect way of handing the campaign over to another player and then peacing out. And don’t worry, moderators can’t promote themselves or other users to being an admin, nor can they demote or delete admins. We here at Goonhammer run a tight ship.

And we’re still not done with features for this, A Very Special Administratum Update!

Powerful Unit Tab

The Unit tab in each of your rosters has received a big, big upgrade. More information at your fingertips, making it the perfect “let me check that on my phone” reference for the middle of a game.

The green presents are an indicator for an unclaimed reward, like a Battle Honour from leveling up!

And you might notice the expand buttons on the right. What secrets could be hidden therein? Spoilers, it’s this:

A quick preview of the unit, courtesy of Administratum’s Battle Sheets

An at-a-glance reference to all the scars and upgrades on the unit. No more frantically flipping through tabs or opening different pages to find your upgrades.

It’s been a busy week here at the Goonhammer Corporate Offices, and we can’t wait for you to dig into these new features and find all sorts of interesting bugs and shout at us on Discord about them. And until then, enjoy these patch notes!

Patch Notes: 2022-12-25

  • Added
    • Game Delete
    • Game Delete – You may now delete games, and Administratum will do its best to revert all effects of that game
    • Game Delete – Solo Games – The owner of this game may delete it
    • Game Delete – Solo Games – If this game is linked to a campaign, then moderators and owners of that campaign can delete it
    • Game Delete – Validated Games – Only campaign moderators and owners can delete Validated Games
    • Game Delete – Administratum will attempt to revert the following changes
      • Links to campaigns
      • Links to campaign phases
      • Links to teams, including any points earned for that team
      • Victor bonuses
      • Requisition points
      • Battle Scars suffered
      • Enemy units destroyed
      • Experience points
      • Ranks achieved
      • Battle Honours earned
      • Wars of Faith Belief Points earned
    • Game Delete – It is possible that some changes cannot be reverted. For example, if a unit suffers a Battle Scar during a game, and you use the Repair and Recuperate requisition to remove it, and finally you delete the game, then Administratum will not refund the Requisition Points spent on Repair and Recuperate.
    • Campaign User Management
    • Campaign User Management – Create Moderators and Admins for your campaigns
    • Campaign User Management – Admins – An admin of a campaign has full control of the campaign, including deleting the campaign and creating other admins
    • Campaign User Management – Moderators – A moderator of a campaign has full control of the campaign, but can neither delete the campaign nor create admins
    • Campaign User Management – Moderators – Creating moderators is a feature available to Patrons at the Warhound tier
    • Campaign Page – Users Tab – User count displayed at the bottom
    • Campaign Page – Users Tab – Under each user’s name, there is now a list of links to their rosters on the campaign
    • Roster Page – Unit Tab – New UI for table, including upgrade, scar, and kill counts
    • Roster Page – Unit Tab – Expandable for Battle Sheets preview of unit upgrades
  • Changed
    • Campaign Page – Users Tab – UI styling updated to match other tabs throughout the site
    • Unit Page – Added ability to delete units
    • Roster Page – Unit Tab – Removed ability to delete units
  • Fixed
    • Validated Games – View – When looking at a Validated Game that has been approved by both players but at least one player has not yet submitted an army, it no longer says that army has been submitted
Oh, what an update, what a lovely update. Hoping that you enjoy using it as much as we enjoy building it. And if you enjoy it, please consider checking out our Patreon. I bang on this drum all the time, but your support really does mean the world to us and lets us do all the cool things we do.