Administratum: The Battle Sheets Update (June 28th, 2022)

Shadows grow long as the game stretches into its final hour. A cold bead of sweat trickles down your forehead as your opponent mutters under their breath. You don’t catch what they say, as you are desperately trying to remember if that “5” dice was tracking victory points or wounds lost. Victory or wounds. It’s a three point game, so the game is based on your failing memory at this late hour. Victory or wounds.

Today’s update will make sure that never again happens to you, as today we’re launching Battle Sheets – customizable printouts for your rosters!

Battle Sheets – Battle Report

With spots to track everything in a game, the Battle Report is your goto for pen-and-paper game tracking. Each and every box on this is a free form text field too, so you can edit it in your browser to get a jump start on the game.

No more unkempt notes. Kempt those notes, I say!

Each Battle Sheet can be customized to taste. In the Battle Report, you can change the number of Agendas, Players, or Rounds. You can also add or remove space for agenda and score tracking, so there’s no wasted space.

I’m going to use that number UI elsewhere, just you wait

Heading to a weekend of gaming with friends? Print a stack of Battle Reports so that everyone can track games without passing around laptops or phones. Or just print enough for yourself and revel in your friend’s sorrow, as they get to see what they are missing out on.

Battle Sheets – Order of Battle

Paper reference sheets are a staple for tabletop wargaming. Sometimes you don’t need a full printout of every single rule, just some reminders. And that’s where the Order of Battle shines!

Five Tech-Priests walk into a bar …

This Battle Sheet gives you a high-level summary of everything in your Order of Battle. Rank, experience, kills, PL/points, Crusade Points, and the names of every upgrade on the unit. And just like the Battle Report, there are customization settings to get this Battle Sheet just right for you.

Who doesn’t love some good settings?

Instead of a high-level summary, maybe you want the data? The full contents of each upgrade on your units, Crusade Trackers for keeping in-game tallies, and a little bit of whitespace for keeping notes? Battle Sheets have you covered, just adjust the settings and there you have it.

Yum, data

Battle Sheets are all printable right from your browser, and the best printouts are from Chrome. Using Chrome’s print dialog, you can Save As PDF to print straight to a file that you can share with friends. Or you can adjust the margins if you want to hole punch these, or change the paper size entirely. You want to print Battle Sheets on tabloid-sized paper? Extra, extra! Go for it!

And Of Course Other Stuff

Because I can never let a patch go by without jamming in other stuff, there are some quality of life improvements bundled in.

Click to toggle units during BattleScribe or Battle Forge imports. Big performance improvement when loading a campaign. The Roster dashboard has received a fresh coat of paint. Good stuff all around, and if you want to see the details, then you want to see the patch notes!

Patch Notes

  • Added
    • Battle Sheets
    • Battle Sheets – Battle Report – One page printout for recording all the details of a single game
    • Battle Sheets – Battle Report – Customize the number of Agendas, Players, and Rounds, as well as the height of the text boxes
    • Battle Sheets – Order of Battle – Multiple page printout that gives you a summary of each unit in your order of battle
    • Battle Sheets – Order of Battle – Includes unit upgrades. Adjust if whether to include upgrade names, names and description, or turn off upgrades entirely
    • Battle Sheets – Order of Battle – Toggle on Crusade Trackers for dedicated boxes for in-game tallies
    • Battle Sheets – Order of Battle – Print all the units in your army, or flip a toggle to only print selected units
    • Battle Sheets – All boxes in Battle Sheets are freeform text boxes, fill them out before you print them off to get a head start on the game
    • Battle Sheets – Toggle individual pages on and off.
    • Battle Sheets – Prints best from Chrome on a desktop computer, full details on the Print dialog
    • Unit Create – Import from BattleScribe/Battle Forge – Toggle units on and off by clicking the tab header
  • Changed
    • Roster Page – Dashboard Tab – Widgets – Background color adjusted to better align with design specifications
    • Roster Page – Dashboard Tab – Widgets – Automatically resize to match height of other Roster widgets
    • Roster Page – Games Tab – When sorting by date, games that were played on the same date now appear in the order in which they were recorded
    • Wars of Faith – Roster Widgets – Added highlight on hover
    • Wars of Faith – Belief Level Widget – Automatically resizes to match height of other Wars of Faith widgets
    • Site Header/Footer – Adjusted background color to better align with design specifications
    • Report Dialogs – Adjusted padding
  • Fixed
    • Campaign Page – Rewrote query for retrieving rosters to not cause massive performance issues in some cases
    • Roster Page – Games Tab – The filter button is no longer hard to click when the filter dropdown is open

As always, thanks to our fantastic Patrons for making this project possible. If you want to help steer the direction that Administratum takes, there’s no better way than to hop on our Patron Discord and give us direct feedback. You’ll even get to watch as I slowly descend into CSS-related madness. And that particular kind of madness will be the focus of the next excursion into the Code Mines, where I go over how close I was to shipping a 140 line CSS selector in Administratum.

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