Administratum: The Campaign Phase Update (December 18th, 2022)

Have you ever thought about starting over? Going back and taking the path less traveled? What if you had been a carpenter? Taken that job offer you turned down, or finished that degree? Administratum can’t help you there, but today’s Campaign Phases Update gives you the next best thing: the ability to reset team scores and create natural breakpoints in your campaigns!

Campaign Phases

Think of the great story of your campaign. Like all great stories, it works best when separated into chapters, and that’s exactly what Campaign Phases let you do.

Check out the breakdown of team scores at each phase of the campaign.

For each phase of your campaign, players will be able to see how many points their team accumulated. Even after the phase is over, players can always browse previous phases to see what the standings were the long long ago of like last month.

Check out the breakdown of team scores at each phase of the campaign.

And campaign phases are entirely optional. Don’t want ’em? Don’t use ’em! But honestly, who wouldn’t want a little help organizing a campaign. Isn’t that why we’re all here?

Powerful Customization

Want casual phases that users can self-report? How about strictly controlled phases for organized events? Administratum gives you the tools you need to set up Campaign Phases however you want!

Mmm, admin data entry pages.

You can create phases that games will automatically be sorted into based on when players say they played them. Or if you want tight control over your campaign, change your phases to “Always” or “Never” be linked to games.

With this option, you can change the phase to “Always” for a weekend, and all games that players report will automatically be linked to that phase, regardless of when they say they played them. Just be sure to let everyone know that you’ll be closing the phase on Monday and that they need to get their games recorded. Once everything is settled, set the phase to “Never” to prevent users from reporting games to it.

Powerful Data Repair

But what happens when someone makes a mistake? Someone records a game with an incorrect “Played On” date, or you close a phase before someone gets around to submitting their game. No worries, campaign admins can fix it in a flash.

Even more admin data entry pages? At first you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.

Campaign admins can, at a glance, see exactly which phases each game is linked to. And, with just one click, change them around. The change is immediately reflected in team scores: no waiting, no fuss, no muss. If you’re a fan of this interface, just wait until you can use a similar one to adjust which teams each game is linked to! That’ll be coming soon.

Give Campaign Phases a try, and if you’re a Patron, then hop on our Discord server and let us know what you think. We’re building these features so that you can run your best campaign, and your feedback helps us steer the direction of this software boat.

Powerful Keyword Editor

Also sneaking in this update is a new Keyword editor. Want to keep using the existing Character, Psyker, and Titanic checkboxes? Go for it! Want to use this editor instead, be our guest!

It ain’t much, but it’s honest data entry.

We’ve also got a couple other small tweaks and changes. Full details in the patch notes.

Patch Notes

  •  Added
    • Campaign Phases
    • Campaign Phases – Create narrative arcs or logistical gaps in your campaign
    • Campaign Phases – Fully integrated with Campaign Teams – which now report their score on a per-phase basis
    • Campaign Phases – Manage Phases – Admin controls for creating, updating, or removing phases
    • Campaign Phases – Manage Phases – Reorder phases with drag-and-drop to change the order in which they appear to players
    • Campaign Phases – Manage Phases – Delete phases – Permanently delete a phase, note that games will be unlinked to the phase but will otherwise be unchanged
    • Campaign Phases – Games are placed in this phase – “Based on when the game is played” – Automatically links games when they are reported based on their recorded Played On date. Note that changing this date after game submission does not change which phase the game is linked to
    • Campaign Phases – Games are placed in this phase – “Always” – While a phase has this mode selected, all games reported will be linked to it regardless of their Played On date
    • Campaign Phases – Games are placed in this phase – “Never” – While a phase has this mode selected, no games reported will be linked to it regardless of their Played On date
    • Campaign Phases – Games are placed in this phase – Changing this value does not change games that have already been linked to the phase
    • Campaign Phases – Phase starts on – Set a date to begin a campaign phase, or leave it blank for it to have an open start date
    • Campaign Phases – Phase ends on – Set a date to end a campaign phase, or leave it blank for it to have an open end date
    • Campaign Phases – Concurrent phases – Create any number of phases, including overlapping phases
    • Campaign Phases – Manage Games – Change which phase each game in the campaign is linked to
    • Campaign Phases – Manage Games – Search for games by player, mission, or Played On date
    • Campaign Phases – Manage Games – Updates take effect immediately
    • Keyword Editor – New UI for recording the keywords on Units in your Roster
    • Keyword Editor – Visible when editing units, creating units from scratch, or importing units from either BattleScribe or Battle Forge
  • Changed
    • Game – Played On – The time a game is played can now be recorded
    • Game – Played On – This field has been updated to be fully UTC timezone based, instead of weird pseudo-timezone-less nonsense
    • Game – Played On – With the UTC change, previously recorded games may report that they were played the day before or after they actually were – time zones were a mistake and all of us software engineers eternally pay for John Timezone’s hubris
  • Fixed
    • Fixed an error where linking a Patreon account to a Goonhammer account failed if that Patreon account has never had a Goonhammer membership inside Patron

Whew! With that out of the way, it’s onto the holidays. I know what you’re thinking: updates will be few and far between until the new year. Not gonna happen, not on my watch! We’re going into overdrive because of that sweet beckoning call of the code. We’ve got lots of plans in the very short term, and we cannot wait to bring them to you. If you’re a Patron, then weigh in on upcoming changes by joining us on Discord. Don’t worry, we don’t bite. Well, Gregbot does. A lot. But don’t worry about him. Well, don’t worry any more than you already are. And you should be worrying about Gregbot. We are. We all are.