Administratum: The Goonhammer Global Campaign Update (February 5th, 2023)

War has come to the Vadinax Sector, are you ready?

If you’ve been keeping up with the news on Vadinax, then you’re well aware of the current conflict in the grim darkness of the 41st millennium. If you’re only now reestablishing communications after a particularly bad warp storm, then check out our Intro to Vadinax to get caught up, and then read through the player packs for all the cool stuff coming to your army.

“But Pendulin”, I hear you say, “what’s this got to do with Administratum?” I’m glad you asked, you convenient narrative-framing-device you. Administratum is keeping a close eye on the conflict in the Vadinax sector, and we have a live feed of the system-wide territory control available on the Vadinax Campaign page.

41st Millennium Pro Tip – Go to a trade school for stone sculpting, there’s a constant demand for cloud-scraping statues

This widget shows you a live feed of each planet in the Vadinax Sector in the current conflict. As battles are reported, control of each planet ebbs and flows. The very fate of the sector hangs in the balance, and you can help shape the conflict right now, by joining the Vadinax Campaign!

This global campaign is open to all our fantastic Official Patrons, and it also comes with access to our Discord server where you can watch me, in real-time, neglect sleep to build even cooler things in Administratum.

Pictured: Lenk, having a bad time

Conquest Coming Soon

The tools for running the Vadinax Campaign aren’t being built for this one campaign. Oh no, much like other features in Administratum, we’re expanding these tools with all sorts of great new features over time – features you can use to turn your campaigns into the fully customizable narrative experience you are looking for.

We’re playing it a bit close to the chest with specifics here, because … well, you’ll just have to keep an eye on the news on Vadinax to see what happens!

Improved Campaign Settings

Want to batten down the hatch and restrict your campaign to only Validated Games? Want to make your campaign visible to the entire world? The new settings available on your campaign let you tailor the behavior of your campaign with just a few clicks.

Making your campaign visible to the world is great if you’re running a campaign for a store or group of friends!

Team Improvements

If you’ve had issues in your campaigns of people messing up their teams, then this is the feature you’ve been waiting for.

Autolink Games – it does exactly what you think

When players report games in your campaign, they previously had to manually select which team they wanted to “link” the game to. Either that, or rely on some convoluted default behaviors which, frankly, I’m not even sure I understand, and I programmed them!

But no more! When creating or editing a teamset, just make sure this box is checked. Whenever a player on one of these teams reports a game, it’ll automatically link it to their team.

All The. Small Things.

We’ve put so many small updates and improvements throughout the site that the quickest way to see them is by checking out the patch notes below. That is, assuming we remembered to document them. Which we probably did. Probably. For most of them, at least. Probably.

Patch Notes: 2023-02-05

  • Added
    • Conquest
    • Conquest – A campaign add-on for building your own map-based planetary control mechanics inside Administratum
    • Conquest – Integrates with your campaign’s existing Teamsets
    • Conquest – Define custom territories with names, descriptions, keywords, and other secret cool things
    • Conquest – The control of each territory is split up among teams
    • Conquest – When players report a game, they’ll be able to select which territory the battle took place on
    • Conquest – Players win or lose control of the selected territory based on their performance in the game
    • Conquest – Currently available in the The Vadinax Campaign, Goonhammer’s 2023 Global Campaign, including in all participating store tie-in campaigns
    • Conquest – Many behind-the-scenes features that’ll come into play as the conflict in the Vadinax Sector unfolds …
    • Roster Page – Unit Tab – Totals added at the bottom for points, power level, xp, kills, scars, upgrades, and crusade points
    • Game View Page – Roster Section – If a player linked their game to their team, that information is now listed
    • Game View Page – Roster Section – Campaign moderators and admins can change which team is linked to each player
    • Teams – “Autolink Games” checkbox now controls which teams are automatically selected to gain credit when members of those teams report games
    • Campaign Page – Settings Tab – Campaign Visibility – Restrict to members – Campaign is only visible approved members of this campaign.
    • Campaign Page – Settings Tab – Campaign Visibility – Anyone can see this campaign – Campaign and all its games and rosters are visible to anyone, including people not logged into Administratum
    • Campaign Page – Settings Tab – Allow Solo Games – Toggle whether or not solo games will be allowed for the campaign. Toggling this off prevents rosters in the campaign from recording solo games, even if those games are not linked to the campaign
    • Campaign Page – Settings Tab – Allow Validated Games – Toggle whether or not validated games will be allowed for the campaign. Toggling this off prevents rosters in the campaign from recording validated games, even if those games are not linked to the campaign
    • Site-wide datetimes – Updated with hover text that displays the full date and time
    • Site-wide datetimes – Now records time in addition to date.
    • Site-wide datetimes – Time is now always displayed in your local time
  • Changed
    • Campaign Page – Games Tab – Add Games – Button updated to improve workflow for when Allow Solo/Validated Games settings have been altered
    • Campaign Page – Games Tab – Searching by Mission now looks at the Conquest territory where the battle took place, in addition to game name and game mission
    • Roster Page – Add Games – Button updated to improve workflow for when Allow Solo/Validated Games settings have been altered
    • Navigation Sidebar – Links can now be opened in new tabs by middle clicking
    • Rosters can now join multiple campaigns
  • Fixed
    • Campaign Page – Roster Tab – Fixed an issue where long roster, player, or team names caused the tables to break
    • Campaign Page – Games Tab – Fixed and issue where games were being sorted incorrectly
    • Campaign Page – Dashboard Tab – Identified a transient error where your campaigns are displayed when browsing roster owned by other players – The underlying issue has been resolved and if you are still encountering this behavior, just refresh the page
    • Game Submit – Solo – Fixed an issue that prevent solo game submission in some situations
    • Game Submit – Validated – Fixed issue preventing games from being recorded where a player scored 0 points
    • Game View Page – Roster section – Team edit field – Fixed issue where invalid where invalid teams were listed in some situations
    • Game Widget – Fixed issue where the roster of the player on the right side wasn’t being displayed
    • JavaScript – Fixed some errors and warnings that were cluttering the console
    • Roster Page – Unit Tab – Fixed an issue where, if a unit has a Warlord Trait, then the total number of kills, scars, upgrade, and/or crusade points were sometimes being listed incorrectly

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