Administratum: The Validated Game Update – Part Deux (November 27th, 2022)

If a feature is deployed, and no update post is made about it, did it really happen? Some schools of thought maintain that there is an objective reality to code, that a “feature” can be “deployed” and “working”. Others contend that features are an illusion – you are trapped in an empty cave, watching shadows projected on the wall from software bugs passing in front of a fire behind you. Plato’s Allegory of the Code Mine.

In either case, today’s update post is long overdue. The update for Validated Games has been live for some time, but even with dotting the t’s and crossing the i’s on that feature, this update still has some great stuff in store.

Validated Games – Army Submission

You can now submit armies for your Validated Games! Get your XP, get your rewards! Don’t get blocked by a slowpoke opponent, as you can submit your army as soon as you create the Validated Game.

Click button – get rewards!

There’s also a brand new UI for recording your army’s Crusade updates for Validated Games. Instead of the clumsy tab interface, which was honestly a bit of a pain on mobile, now each unit gets its own little section. Just scroll down and fill things out as you go. Couldn’t be easier. This UI is only on Validated Games for the moment, but we’re working on bringing it to Solo Games as well.

John Circuitboard is an Absolute Lad

Once the game has been approved, you and your opponent will get nice clean summaries of your armies. A perfect little summary of your half of the battle!

Screencap away!

We’re not done with Validated Games yet, not by a long shot, so stick around to see what cool new things are coming next.

Custom Upgrades

Have some wacky Crusade mechanic that you’ve been tracking with a Text Note? A Chapter Command, Holy Order, of Favour of the Dark God? Those upgrades are no longer relegated to footnotes, as you can now create Custom Upgrades on your units!

Go custom or go home

Custom Upgrades are listed like any other upgrade when printing off your Battle Sheet, so you’ll have your rules right at your fingertips!

Campaign Invites

Campaign owners, are you tired of telling people “copy this code, go to, click these buttons, paste the code, blah blah blah”? Well don’t worry, it’s better now. Way better!

On the Invite tab of your campaigns, you’ll notice new URL and QR links next to your invites. If you want to make it easier for people to join your campaign, then all they need to do is scan the QR code or click the link, and they’re in! They don’t even need to sign up with Administratum ahead of time, the link will guide them through the new account process!

You might have seen me in my awesome Tech-priest long-vest at this event. I was the guy winning The Living Saint

Short and Sweet

We’ve got some big stuff planned for the next month, you might even call it Global. So we’ll cut this update short here, as there’s oh-so-much to toil over in the Code Mines.

Patch Notes

  • Added
    • Validated Games – Army Submission
    • Validated Games – Submit your army for validated games, granting XP, tracking kills, and victor bonuses
    • Validated Games – Campaign admins may submit armies on behalf of players in their campaigns
    • Custom Upgrades
    • Custom Upgrades – Create, update, or delete Custom Upgrades for your units
    • Campaign Invite – Campaign owners can send a link or QR code that players can use to join the campaign
    • Campaign Invite – QR code for campaign invite can be copied with a single mouse click (works best in Chrome)
  • Changed
    • Battle Sheets – Displays all Custom Upgrades that have been recorded
    • Battle Sheets – Order of Battle – Upgrades now default to “Show names and descriptions”
    • Validated Games – Unlocked for all rosters on Warhound campaigns
    • Validated Games – Updates FAQ and tooltips for validated game to no longer mention the Patron Preview
  • Fixed
    • Battle Scar’s descriptions are now properly recorded when created as part of submitting an army for a game
    • Fixed whitescreen error when editing score for solo game
    • Fixed Javascript error due to structure of Notification button
    • Requisition point cap is now properly checked when completing a game
    • Validated games are no longer double counted on the Campaign page, Rosters tab
    • Validated games that aren’t approved no longer count towards team score

Thanks to everyone for putting up with the delay for this update post. The Games Workshop 2022 Grand Narrative ran Goonhammer through the ringers. Big shout out to all of our great Patrons who kept us sane during the event. It was a blast seeing you, and I’m looking forward to the next one!