Administratum Updates: Feb 13th, 2022

It’s been another busy week in the programming hive, and our Command Line Explorator Fleets have returned with a pile of Scrap Code that probably hasn’t been corrupted that much by a rogue daemon or other type of DNS error. We’re continuing to roll out improvements at a frankly rather frightening rate, with the end goal of making Administratum the best place to track your narrative campaigns.

Speaking of improvements…

Warlord Traits and Relics

We’ve made a number of improvements here. The Requisitions for claiming these rewards are in place now, and we’re adding notifications to the application to alert you when you have one unclaimed. Speaking of requisitions…

Requisition Improvements

Several requisitions can have their costs zero-ed out, if that’s what you’re into. Want a free Re-arm and Resupply, because you put a unit in wrong the first time? Go for it. Same goes for Repair and Recuperate, Fresh Recruits, and Psychic Meditations. Speaking of psykers…

Psychic Powers

The Warhammer 40,000 App should import powers correctly now and, in addition, it will tag a unit with powers as a psyker. I don’t have a good segue to the next bullet point here and mildly regret committing to this bit. Speaking of making mistakes…

Deleting Units

You can do this now. Neat!

Next week: Campaigns, maybe. Fixes, definitely.

We continue to work on Administratum and fix bugs as they crop up, but we know that Campaigns are a big feature people are looking forward to seeing, and we can’t wait to roll that out.

If you’re a patron, you’ll see special invite text below with a link to the preview beta. Otherwise, sit tight – we’re hard at work right now on adding the finishing touches and figuring out how we can support other games and systems, so hold on for the public beta announcement, which is coming quote-unquote soon.