Administratum Updates: Feb 20th, 2022

Welcome back to your regularly-scheduled patch note. The great work continues, and as usual we have to give massive props to both our team of computer janitors, and to our Patrons for their ceaseless feedback and bug reports.

This week’s update is mostly around Quality of Life improvements, as we move from a surprisingly polished but still very much in Beta application, to a fully-operational piece of production-ready software.

Site Performance

A few of the pages, mostly ones that were built early in the development process, have been showing performance issues as we’ve piled on features, and those should be noticeably faster to load and work with now. We’ve done a performance pass on:

  • Battle Reports
  • Roster Viewer
  • Unit Viewer

In addition, we’ve made some enhancements to the mobile layout, that should help our phone-based users when they’re posting from the Metaverse.

Requisitions Improvements

Again with the requisitions! As you can imagine, in a Crusade tool, this is one of the most complex and also important things to get right, but our iterative approach is making steady progress. This week, we’ve enabled Specialist Reinforcements, so have fun specially reinforcing.

Also, once you hit the cap of 5 RP, you’ll stop getting new ones that you don’t want. Go spend them, if you want more so much! These are the Glengarry Requisition Points, you don’t get these. They’re for closers.

Account Management: It exists now!

One of the less-flashy but extremely important parts of any website is what it does when users have a problem. Previously on Administratum, you were fine to log in and click on stuff forever, as long as you never forgot your password or needed to change any settings, in which case you were kinda hosed.

Well, those days are over. Now users will be able to edit their password, or perform a password reset after they edited it and forgot what it changed to. There’s a whole user account panel now, in fact, but those are really the only settings, unless you’re a pervert and you want to enable Light Mode.

Next Week: More of this, or something else.

I don’t know! I’ll be honest, I zoned out a little bit during standup, but I think probably it went great.