Administratum Updates: Feb 27th, 2022

Another week, another round of improvements that aren’t Campaign support. Campaigns are a big part of what we want to offer here, and we’re excited to roll those out soon, but the cogitators and their arch-programmers are still servo-skulling around figuring out all the bits. It’s still coming! In the mean time, we’ve rolled out a non-trivial number of improvements across Administratum.

Battle Reports

We’ve made some improvements here. You can name your battles now, which is fun if you’re the kind of person that wants to differentiate who got to play Space Jam at the Battle of The Local Game Store’s Table Near the Bathroom That Fell Over When Steve Leaned On It Too Hard. This is one of those features that’s easy to make fun of but actually rules when you get down to using the app. We also made the XP totals, and the math behind them, a little more visible.

Bug Fixes

This has been the real meat of the sprint. We fixed a long-standing problem with email address verification – some of our very earliest adopters might remember this one from launch day. It’s actually been fixed for a while, but we’re starting to enforce the fix now. The long and short of this is that if you haven’t verified your email address yet, you’ll be prompted to do this next time you log in. Verifying email addresses lets us send communications (even just password resets) without getting in trouble with our hosting providers. It’s fun! I love computers.

We also made a number of updates that should result in fewer inscrutable Javascript errors. All Javascript errors are at least 20% more scrutable, and 50% less common. That’s the Goonhammer Promise.

That’s it for this week! It might seem like a shorter list that previous releases, but a lot of our development resources are still dedicated to finishing up Campaign support, and you can expect to see all that work pay off in the near future.

Check back soon when non-Patron access is available, or if you want early beta access, that’s a Patreon perk that is available.