Administratum Updates: March 13th, 2022

Welcome back, dear reader, to the patch note. Administratum just keeps on Administrating, and we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from our users as they’ve come to grips with Campaigns. Most of this week’s work has been focused on that, but here are the changes in detail:

Bug Fixes

  • Introduced, and then corrected, a bug where Campaign Rosters showed the Campaign Owner instead of the actual owner of the roster. Oops.
  • Corrected an issue with the alignment of some of the Campaign tab labels.
  • Scrolling on said tabs is now way less rowdy.

New Campaign Features

  • Added an “Add Roster” button to campaigns, for the type of masochist that is willing to administer an entire campaign on behalf of every player in it. Don’t recommend it, but you can do it now. Also helpful if you enter a campaign twice.
  • Remember when we put that interstitial page in, where a roster that didn’t quite meet the restrictions for the campaign would have to be approved before it could be used? Campaign Owners can approve them now. They can also, as you might have predicted, deny rosters as well. Smash that mf DENY button, and siphon some dopamine off of your players by brutally rejecting them.
  • From the campaign rosters tab, you can click through and view your own roster(s). You can’t view anyone else’s yet, but that’s coming soon.

Next Week: More Of This

That’s it for now, but check back next week for more updates. Or, if you’re a patron, sign up for Administratum yourself, go break stuff and then tell us what you did so we can make one of our developers fix it. They love it when you do that.