Administratum Updates: March 20th, 2022

Hell yeah, more Administratum updates. We keep working on this, and you keep using it, and it’s a virtuous cycle that never stops. The second-most fun job responsibility I have on Administratum is that I get to write these patch notes, because I love getting to show off our hard work. The absolute most fun job I have is occasionally messing with the DNS settings, which I love because of how absolutely chaotic it is. Just endlessly crashing and deleting things in totally unpredictable ways that take hours to fully shake out. It’s great, love it.

Anyway, it’s been another busy week, on to the fixes. Except perhaps fewer updates this time next week. Not because the team won’t be working hard, but I’ll be busy running a small campaign using Administratum. If next week’s patch notes are disastrously half-assed, it’s either because I was having so much fun playing with Administratum that I got too hype to write this post, or the whole thing was such a disaster that we spent the entire weekend fixing it. Either way, I’m letting myself off the hook, so it’s a win-win.


If you’re running a campaign, and you’ve been looking for a new place to make fun of your players, we have created Notes. Campaign owners can add, edit, or delete notes. Everyone else in the campaign can read the notes. You know what this means, it’s time for every moderator or GM to savagely dunk on each of your players. We expect to be implementing a profanity/cruelty filter soon, or limit it to Elden Ring style fixed vocabulary, which means we can just hard-code it to “try finger but hole” and disable the free-text mode entirely.

Battle Reports now have a fancy auto-complete for opponent’s names, which is the kind of quality of life improvement that could only have come from someone who 1. got sick of typing the same name all the time, and 2. has commit access.

Bug fixes/Improvements

  • Roster Notes widget now has more consistent behavior, and the dialog box has been improved.
  • Unit Notes widget also now has more consistent behavior, and the dialog box has been improved.
  • All Notes widgets are now consistently more consistent. In the case of campaign notes this includes existing in the first place.
  • Battle Scars: Fixed an edge case where attempting to delete a newly created Battle Scar would fail under specific conditions
  • Mondo performance improvements on the Battle Report page. Expect more of that going forward, on that page and others, as we discover more bottlenecks and continue to optimize.

That’s it for this week! Feel free to become a Patron and come yell at us on Discord, where you can also access the Patron-only beta and thus have something to yell at us about.