Administratum Updates: March 6th, 2022

It’s been a big week here at the Administratum Factory, and we’ve got some great new features to show off. We’re still running in Patreon-only mode, but the day when you can use Administratum without being a Patron is getting closer.

Bug Fixes

You can no longer create a Roster that has a name that’s either blank or consists entirely of whitespace. You can also not edit a Roster to make the name either blank or consist entirely of whitespace. If you’re wondering why we had to make that a rule, I’m going to guess you don’t work in software. Something you learn pretty quick in this line of (horrible, ignoble) work is that you can never trust your users, and they take great pleasure in reminding you why.

We’ve also make some text updates to clean up a few of the dialogs and requisitions, but, and I’m quoting our lead developer here, “I honestly cannot remember which ones”.

Oh, also, we enabled campaigns.


These aren’t finished – this is very much a situation where I want to remind people that this is still a beta – but they do work, and have at least reached minimum viable product status.

You can create a campaign! Then view it in a list of campaigns! Then invite people to your campaign, either with a custom URL or a code  (the code is shorter and thus cooler).

Campaigns are a way to create a private meta for your pals, where you all wail on each other and scrap for Crusade Points. It’s like being in jail. You can import an existing army Roster when you join, assuming that roster isn’t attached to a different campaign already, or create a new one. If your imported Roster doesn’t follow the rules of the campaign, like if it’s too much points or has way more Requisitions than normal, you can still add it, but we’re gonna yell at you and the campaign owner will have to approve it.

Campaigns have the usual Activities you’d expect – create, delete, invite, remove, that type of thing – but instead of explaining all of them, I will simply suggest that you sign up for Administratum at your earliest convenience and start smashing that mf campaign button. This is a huge feature, and we’re extremely excited to finally be rolling it out. The road to total global domination officially begins here.

Usually this is where I say “that’s it!” and exhort you to sign up for the closed beta, but I think maybe a casual “welp, cya” isn’t really appropriate considering the amount of progress we’ve made this week, and the work that went into it. That said, I can’t think of much else to add here, so welp, cya.