Administratum Updates: The Wars of Faith Update (May 2, 2022)

Oh boy this is a big one, and it was worth the wait. It’s an update of contrasts: We’ve got cool stuff coming in hot, big features and little bugfixes, all neatly packaged together in today’s sprawling update.

If you’re unfamiliar with Administratum, it’s the official Goonhammer campaign roster and management platform. Right now we support Warhammer 40k Crusade (and also not Crusade if you just want to play without all that), but we’ll be adding support for more systems soon. You can find it here:

Alright, let’s get on to the update.

Wars of Faith – Campaign and Roster Add-ons

Today’s we’re rolling out the carpet for our brand new add-ons system. These are small, modular upgrades you can add to your rosters and campaigns that unlock new features specifically tailored to work well with specific rule books or supplements. We’ll be extending this system with additional add-ons as Gregbot furiously taskmasters those of us stuck in the code mines. We’re launching this new system with our very first add-ons: Wars of Faith.

Administratum - Wars of Faith - Add-on
The Faith and the Furious

Have you ever felt a little pious? How about a lot pious? Like, so pious you need to track your Belief Level and Paragon Abilities? Well this is the perfect add-on for you! This add-on gives you all the tools necessary to track your Order of Battle’s religious fanaticism. New widgets, requisitions, keywords, battle report options, and unit abilities all available to Official Patrons. Every tool you need to keep track of your games with Crusade Mission Pack: Wars of Faith.

Administratum - Wars of Faith Requisitions
2 Faith 2 Furious

But that’s not all. Oh no. Not only can you add Wars of Faith to your Order of Battle, but we also have a Wars of Faith add-on for your campaigns! This gives each Faith its own leaderboard, letting members show off their Belief Levels so that everyone knows who is a religious-hero and who is an apostate-zero.

Administratum - Wars of Faith - Leaderboard
This is a serious game

Campaign add-ons are available to the prestigious ranks of our Warhound Patrons. But wait! There’s one last little extra bonus! By becoming a Warhound, everyone that joins your campaigns automatically gain access to the Wars of Faith roster add-on!

You read that right! Want to host a Wars of Faith campaign? Run a religious ruckus? End some lives at the end of times? You’re in luck! Like a shepherd letting their herd out to graze, so too does the Warhound provide the nourishment to their flock. Nourishment in the form of kickass roster add-ons for every roster in their campaigns!

Custom Campaign Invite Codes

Normally here’s where I’d pump the breaks on an update, but we’re just getting started. If you are an absolute power-user at the Warlord tier, then we’ve got a feature for you: custom invite codes.

Administratum - Campaign Invite Code
I expect nothing but silly welcome messages

Generate single-use campaign invite codes, or set up codes with an expiration date. Perfect for private events, or events that you are selling tickets to. You can even add a custom welcome message to each campaign invite code for that personal touch.

Administratum - Campaign Invite Message
A welcome message that’s nowhere silly enough

Still Way, Way More

There’s still more I haven’t covered in today’s update. A Games tab on campaigns that lets you see all the games recorded by everyone in the campaign. Notifications on the Units tab of your roster letting you know which units have unclaimed upgrades and unclaimed scars. A brand new Battle Scar widget and the ability to create Battle Scars by hand. Bug fixes and performance/ UI improvements. The list goes on and on.
But rather than rambling on for too long, let’s cut it here and hop into some patch notes.

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Rosters
    • Wars of Faith add-on
      • Belief Level widget – Tracks your belief points and calculates your belief level
      • Faith widget – Set your faith, either pick from the dropdown or homebrew away
      • Anathema widget – Set your roster’s anathema, pick any number (you might hate a lot of them), or homebrew a custom one
      • Paragon Ability widget – Record your roster’s Paragon Ability, which will be granted to any unit with the Paragon keyword
    • Dashboard – Total Crusade Points widget – Displays the sum of Crusade Points for all units in your Order of Battle
    • Units – Alert for units with unclaimed battle scars
    • Units Tab – Notification for units with unclaimed rewards
  • Battle Reports
    • Wars of Faith – Automatic Belief Points for wins and losses
    • Wars of Faith – Manual Belief Points adjustments
    • Mission Names – Rosters with the Wars of Faith add-on will have new missions available in the dropdown
    • Victor Rewards – Added the reward: Increase Supply Limit 1x
  • Units
    • Wars of Faith add-on
      • Blood Sacrifice requisition
      • Thief of Favour requisition
      • Exemplar of the Faith requisition
      • Healing Force requisition
      • Paragon of Faith requisition
      • Paragon Ability widget – Display the Paragon Ability for units that have obtained the Paragon keyword
    • New “Adjustments” menu in the Upgrades dialog
      • Battle Scar – Manually create a battle scar, or fill out an unclaimed battle scar
      • Paragon Keyword – For rosters with Wars of Faith, manually add or remove the Paragon keyword from a unit
    • Battle Scar Widget
      • Brand new widget that now looks and feels like other widgets
      • Moved to “Upgrades” section. Yeah, I know calling a Battle Scar an “Upgrade” is weird, but tell that to a Custodes player
    • Dashboard tab – Improved page performance for units with many battle scars
  • Campaigns
    • Wars of Faith add-on – Belief Level Leaderboard – Each Faith gets its own leaderboard where the pious can flex their stuff
    • Games Tab
      • Displays all the games that have been reported against this campaign. This is a preliminary UI that will be iterated on in the future
      • Add Battle Report button – Add a battle report straight from the campaign. Note that this button does not yet work for users with multiple rosters on the same campaign. You can thank Gregbot for that one
    • Invite Tab – Generate Invite Codes
      • Set the number of uses, anywhere from one-time use codes to unlimited uses
      • Set the expiration date for time-locked signups
      • Set a custom welcome message to get new players started on the right foot
    • Actions on the Roster dashboard that cause changes to units (for example, removing the Wars of Faith add-on when there exists a unit that has the Paragon keyword) will immediately be reflected
    • Rosters page was not displaying the current or maximum number of approved rosters for a campaign. have been deployed
  • Validation alerts across the entire application have been improved so that they don’t have empty white space on the right side

Now this here is a hefty update. But we have even more planned for the future, and if you want to be a part of it, then swing by the Goonhammer Patreon and hop into our Discord server. Not only do you get to provide direct feedback on Administratum’s development, you also get to hang out with exceptionally cool people and be part of our dumb ideas.

Administratum and the GW Seattle Open Event

If you’re playing in the Games Workshop US Open Narrative 40k event in Seattle this weekend, consider using Administratum to track your progress! The event is using Wars of Faith, and we’ve included everything you need now to keep track of your army’s faith, Belief Points, Belief Level, Paragons, Priest Battle Honours, and Faith rewards. That way you can spend less time doing homework between rounds and more time conquering the galaxy.

Have any questions or feedback? Drop us a note in the comments below or email us at