Age of Sigmar 3.0 FAQ: Disciples of Tzeentch

GW released a bombshell of new FAQs on Friday, covering errata for the core book and lengthy FAQs for each faction. And as always, we’ve got you covered with the rundown of what’s changed and what it means for your games. In this series of Hot Take articles, we’ll be covering the changes and our initial reactions to them but for more detailed analysis, check back over the next two weeks as we dive deeper into how these changes affect the game and its factions.

Gaunt Sorcerer. Credit: Sulecrist

There are only a few changes but they hit the faction in some big ways

  • Pink horrors: Split and split again was changed – you can use this rule to go above starting size, and you can’t split and split again from battleshock. This is incredible!
  • Paradoxial shield: Lost the +2 save and became ethereal but kept the reroll successful save rolls. 
  • Exalted flamers: Every exalted flamer can issue commands to its own unit. It’s a unit champ of a unit of 1.
  • Battle Traits: Legion of Chaos: Every God-Based Army has obtained this rule. The Gods now work like “Evil Cities of Sigmar” across the board. The rule itself is a bit clunky but ultimately will benefit some lists. Two out of every four units in your army can be Slaves To Darkness units that have the Mark Of Chaos Keyword, and then are given the Tzeentch Keyword. Another one out of every four units can also be Beasts of Chaos, as long as they don’t already have Khorne or Nurgle Keywords, and they gain the Tzeentch Keyword. These units are not considered “allies” and can use faction traits. So when you build your army, one fourth of your units could be from the Disciples book, and the other three quarters could be Slaves units and Beasts units.
    If you decided you also want Archaon, he gained the Warmaster ability which allows him to be added to a mono-God army and does not count as a Coalition unit as the others above do, so with Archaon as part of your army, your first four units could be from completely different books. Food for thought.
    As a weird quirk of this system, you can’t add the Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch on Disc as a coalition unit, because he doesn’t have the Mark of Chaos. Oops.



With Pinks Retaining their power in body count and board control, they’re incredible – you will see armies of 60-80 pinks. “But Joe! No one will want to paint that many!!”,  as a Proud owner of 90 painted pinks, it is not unreasonable to assume someone else will too.

The new Coalition rules for beastmen are really strong and there will be armies coming out of that woodwork for a long time.

Cogs and Extra Spell Enhancements will also be really potent.

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