An Updated Scoring Sheet for 40k’s Nachmund Season

It’s been over a year since we released our Scoring Sheet for 9th edition, asking players to report tournament results. Since then a lot has changed – including, most recently, the scoring for primary objectives in the new War Zone: Nachmund missions. As a result, we thought it was past time we updated the sheet.

If you’re on the digital side, you can track your scoring through the ITC Battles App, which is by far the best app we’ve seen for tracking games of 40k and has already been updated with the new missions, objectives, and deployment maps. On the other hand, if you’re more an analog/pen-and-paper type, we’ve got you covered, with a new scoring sheet for Nachmund missions, ready to print! You can find the sheet below, or just click this link if it doesn’t load.

Click to access 9th_scoring_Sheet_Nachmund.pdf

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