Andrew’s Road to the US Open Finale Narrative

Andrew Corban Intro Article

Hi there, dear reader!  If there’s more than one that’s also cool!  My name’s Andrew Corban and I think Warhammer 40k is “pretty cool”.  To be honest, I was not originally planning to go to this event.  Don’t get me wrong, I play mostly competitive/tournament games, but narrative games in my opinion are where the best of 40k can be found.  But I’d started a new job in the last few months and it was right before Thanksgiving which is always an interesting time for the ol’ travel schedule and I didn’t think I could make the time.  But then I was informed this event would directly influence the fluff and before I knew it, I was watching money leave my bank account and straight into James Workshop’s pocket.  I’m a gigantic sucker for 40k fluff, just inject bolter porn straight into my veins and let me make pew pew sounds over the backdrop of human suffering and despair.  If there’s even a chance that my special successor chapter boys can be made official then I will pay any price.

If successor chapter doesn’t give it away, I’m planning to bring the glorious Adeptus Astartes to this event.  I’ve been a fan of ceramite and ceramite accessories since I first saw some blue dudes on a table back in 4th edition.  I’ve played different varieties of power armor over the years, from Ultramarines to Blood Ravens, but my current and most favoritest darlings are the Sons of Ash, adopted sons of the Promethean Creed.

Credit: Andrew Corban

The chapter favors aggressive elimination of enemy fortresses and vehicle/super heavy deployments where possible which informs their standard deployments emphasizing eradicators, aggressors and dreadnoughts to smash and burn the enemy as relevant.  But if placed on the defensive they’ll dig in hard enough to make a Guardsmen blush and make the bet that they’re tougher than whatever the galaxy can throw at them.  Their last narrative outing was at the GHO narrative event in Maryland where the Sons of Ash dug into the planet of Lenk and held the line while the world crumbled around them.  Now the 3rd Company finds itself en route to the Szabryne System, eager to get to grips with the enemy, preferably with a trench to hold and super heavies to smash apart.  Unlike the GHO event, the armies will be built using Power Level.  Fortunately my standard list of choice fits snugly at 98 PL, but I’ll have to consider what makes the cut in my 50 PL list, since both game sizes will be played over the weekend.  My usual choice is two dreadnoughts backed up by the captain, techmarine, some intercessors, and an eradicator squad.  But you never know, there could be some Zone Mortalis or Space Hulk missions that demand a more infantry sized touch and that’s where the aggressors will need to make their appearance.

Credit: Andrew Corban

Hobby wise, the good news is I have everything I need ready to rock and roll, which means I’m not under much pressure.  The bad news is I really do most of my hobby stuff under pressure for events so I’m hoping this article and social pressure will power me through.  Since it is PL, I’m trying to paint up some heavy eradicators to replace my standard ones I normally use.  I already had one extra done so I could swap out a sergeant if I wanted to use a single 6 man unit of heavies, so I just need to do another sergeant and multi-melta.  I’ve gotten the base colors done, which just leaves transfers, weathering, and varnishing.

Credit: Andrew Corban

With those almost done, I’m looking at potential units I could sub in for more narrative flair.  For that I’m leaning towards Phobos units as a counter point to my predominantly Gravis equipped main force.  I’ve got 5 infiltrators primed and waiting, but I’m thinking a Phobos Librarian or reiver Lieutenant would be a cooler addition since I’ve already got one squad of infiltrators I use in my normal list.  I’ve got an Invictor that’s painted but needs transfers and a good red dusting.  We’ll see where my heart takes me.

I gotta say, I’m incredibly excited for this event.  The GHO narrative was a ton of fun and several of the people I met there will be heading to this as well, so it will be good to see them again.  Some will be allies, some will be enemies, some will be confusing, but the Sons of Ash know that as long as they stand, the Imperium’s victory is assured.  Hopefully by the next article there’ll be a couple more battle brothers to help do the standing!

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