ASOIAF: Tactics Neutrals Part Two – Brotherhood Without Banners

CMON is well underway with the ASOIAF: Tactics, and the pledge manager is open with Shipping Prices calculated but closes shortly on the 20th June. ASOIAF Tactics spans across multiple eras of George R. R. Martin’s world, where previously their game was restricted to the War of the Five Kings. One thing that is lacking from the campaign is an introduction to the characters you may not know, and in this article, I will give you an introduction to the band of misfits that were not as center stage in the show as they were in the books: The Brotherhood Without Banners.

We have looked at almost all the two-player sets so far; Battle of the Trident Set, King’s Landing Set, and Riverlands. We will be looking at the Neutral Boxes that supplement them and can form their own Faction in the game. In the previous article we reviewed all we know of the Tales of Dunc and Egg Set and the Hedge Knight Set, and now we will be having a look at the most anticipated release of the game ever since the first Kickstarter.

One thing missing from the campaign is an introduction to the characters you will be playing with. Some have sparked high levels of excitement such as Robert Baratheon since people know who that is, but the Brotherhood Without Banners story was shrunk down and not as important in the HBO show as it was in the books. People may know who Thoros of Myr and Beric Dondarrion are but not the rest of the merry band.

My aim is to increase the sentiment and engagement of those interested in this set by introducing them to the story of unknown characters whilst fuelling a further passion in a story driven game. Tactics is more personal than the main game as you focus on a smaller conflict, a small set of characters, and all their quick decisions. Everything matters in skirmish games, including who each member of your warband is.


The Brotherhood Without Banners is an outlaw group who initially fights Lannister rule in the name of King Robert I Baratheon. They are led by the Lightning Lord, Beric Dondarrion, and the group is founded in the Riverlands by soldiers and nobles who were sent by the then-Hand of the King, Eddard Stark, to bring Gregor Clegane to justice. After they are ambushed while crossing a ford and nearly defeated, the group continues the fight as a guerrilla group. Their numbers increase as they are joined by defeated soldiers from other battles, deserters, and refugees from the War of the Five Kings and take on the mission of protecting the smallfolk from the depredations of any side of the war. Every man of the Brotherhood receives a knighthood from Beric.

The most famous members of the group start with Beric Dondarrion who was given the lead for the forces who were to arrest Gregor Clegane, but also the drunk bard known as Thoros of Myr now a red priest of R’hllor who revives Beric every time he fails in battle. Lady Stoneheart is a big name for the group but never appeared in the show. She was the resurrected corpse of Catelyn Stark who could not speak and led the forces in a campaign of vengeance against all that orchestrated the Red Wedding.

Other names such as Lem Lemoncloak, Harwin, Tom Sevenstreams, Anguy, and Gendry, are some of the bigger names that are integral members to the Brotherhood Without Banners, and not all of them appear in this box which is exciting to theorise for a future set to expand the Brotherhood.

Beric Dondarrion – Painted by BigChild Creatives

Beric Dondarrion – The Lightning Lord

Lore – Beric Dondarrion, also known as the lightning lord because of his sigil, is the Lord of Blackhaven and head of House Dondarrion. He owes his allegiance to House Baratheon and was chosen by Ned Stark to bring the King’s Justice to the Riverlands. Lord Dondarrion wears a black satin cloak decorated with stars. His breastplate of dull black steel displays a forked purple lightning bolt, and he carries a black shield slashed by lightning.

One of the most important aspects of Beric is that he has died a lot. So much in fact that the claims of how many times he has been killed vary and give a sense of mysticism for the character. But we do learn that the reason he is brought back is due to Thoros of Myr praying to the Lord of Light to revive him, and each time, a piece of Beric is left behind.

He has a trial by combat with Sandor Clegane and lights his longsword ablaze with his own blood, but he lost the fight and was cleaved almost in half. The weary Beric has become a scarecrow of a man, his battered body bearing all the wounds of his previous deaths. He is missing an eye, in its place a raw red pit. His head is broken, caved in at the temple. There is a dark ring around his throat from being hanged, and there is a terrible gash in his chest from where the Hound killed him. But ultimately, he gives his life to revive Lady Stoneheart, although some of the Lannister leaders believe he still plagues them.

Model Design – As one of the most anticipated models for the game, Beric does not disappoint. What an incredible model for the lighting lord and leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners. Of course, he must have his flaming sword which sort of diminishes the fact that Stannis Baratheon does not, but my favourite part is the face sculpt showing the damaged eye from one of the many deaths Beric has faced. The armour is also slightly different from what we have seen, and I do like the arm pieces with the several layers. We are missing the shield and lighting bolt on the chest plate, but a good conversion and freehand will resolve this.

Rules Design – First rule that caught my eye was Beric’s cost. At 2 Gold he will not see play alongside Lady Stoneheart outside of the larger gamemode since Small Games are 2 Gold, Standard Games are 3 Gold, and Large Games are 4 Gold. This makes so much sense considering Lady Stoneheart was only brought about from the traded death of Beric Dondarrion. He dies, she lives. That was Beric’s purpose in the end.

Following this is the incredible base statistics of Beric with the best Morale Stat in the game at 2+ which does synergise with his Melee Ability which seems to have him take a Will check to dish out a Shaken Token. 3 Wounds is not too bad and is needed with the 7+ Armour Save, he may be one of the more fragile individuals, but this usually balances out with the damage output, but we cannot see the details of this at this time. However, we can see there is an Aftermath ability and seems to roll something more for the attack with some copper. So, he may be a beast in combat.

Although it doesn’t sound great by any means, it is incredibly accurate in its portrayal of Beric from the books. Few wounds, not great armour, well Beric died a lot, to a lot of people, including the likes of The Mountain but to as little as Amory Lorch. However, he isn’t a smuck either considering he held his own for a while against The Hound in a trial by combat, which is why the Melee Attack has some extra effects to portray this. A well-designed character for theme, but we will need to see Beric take to the field to decide his true worth.

Motivation Design – Hand’s Order sees Beric pick a target to become their Nemesis, and when the Nemesis is destroyed you gain 2 VPs. Immediately I love it, the order of Ned Stark sending Beric to bring someone to the King’s justice fits so well for their motivation, however wouldn’t being arrested make more sense? Or were they sent to kill The Mountain and his brigands? I had always believed it was to drag them back in chains.

The Motivation is short and simple, but it is a little lacking. This order was a Motivation of Beric before the Brotherhood was formed; their Motivation evolved over time when they saw many more injustices happening across the Riverlands. This Beric in model design is far longer than the early Beric and I would have liked to see a more developed Motivation. However, this is a slight nitpick on continuity.

However, when Beric dies, he can come back through his Motivation. You spend a Gold and place him next to another Hero and then lose VPs. So, this wouldn’t work in a Small Game as you wouldn’t have another Hero, but in a Standard Game you could have the likes of Thoros or Petyr, maybe even another Faction’s Hero if they are 1 Gold. Beric coming back to life could be a very powerful ability for so many reasons. He could act as a speed bump blocking enemies from getting into the fray and forcing them to deal with him only for it to result in his return in a better position.

It is very thematic as mentioned before due to how many times he comes back to life which have turned into myths and fables. But also explains why he isn’t that impressive for one of the headlining Heroes. If he was really good, then he would be broken similar to how Coldhands has played out with his revive mechanic. So, making him somewhat decent but having him revivable is an interesting deal.

Lady Stoneheart – Painted by BigChild Creatives

Catelyn Stark – Lady Stoneheart

Lore – Catelyn perished at the Red Wedding and her corpse was thrown into the river the Twins stood over. Three days after her death, Catelyn’s corpse is retrieved from the Green Fork by Arya Stark’s direwolf, Nymeria, who runs away when the Brotherhood Without Banners approach. Catelyn is resurrected by Lord Beric Dondarrion, who gives his life for hers through the last kiss. Catelyn’s wounds only partially heal, however, leaving her mutilated and with an impaired ability to speak. Consumed with the desire for vengeance over her family’s betrayal and murder, she assumes command of Beric’s outlaw band, the Brotherhood Without Banners, and leads them in mercilessly pursuing and executing everyone she considers a Lannister collaborator.

Model Design – Thoros looks fantastic too, whilst I wish he was carrying a wineskin or goblet to show his drunkenness, the model has an incredible design that shows how the outlaw priest is someone to fear from his legends. The many swords that he used in Tourneys is a nice touch since they would often become very damaged from the wildfire, he would use to light them. I also like the bracers that mix well with the leather on the arms, and the face sculpt shows the ageing of this warrior excellently.

Rules Design – Catelyn is still a support piece from her counterpart in the Stark Faction. She gives an aura of extra damage to all friendlies without needing to succeed with an attack, which means you can chip kill targets by swarming them. This might be a bit too strong, for anything with multiple attacks just needs to declare an attack to succeed in damaging the enemy model. Catelyn must be a priority for the opponent, and it is not difficult to kill her with 8+ Armour Save and 2 Wounds. She does have an ability that haemorrhages the opponent’s resources which is also a part of her Motivation.

Motivation Design – Stoneheart’s Motivation sees three enemies become a Nemesis and when they die you score a VP and have them do a Morale Test, on a failure they must spend some money. This can severely limit the tools the opponent has to play with in dealing with the outlaws. Stoneheart is interesting, and I don’t think she works well with Thoros, who is someone you are likely to play. However, she is a Neutral Character which everyone can bring, you could see many forces rocking Stoneheart for the damage ability alone and the haemorrhaging of money is a bonus. So, bring something with a ranged attack to snipe her early.

Thoros of Myr – The Red Priest

Lore – Thoros was born in the Free City of Myr, the youngest of eight children, and he was given to a red temple of R’hllor at a young age. He earned his priesthood but was never overly pious due to his tastes for fighting, drinking, and women. Thoros was sent to King’s Landing in hopes he could convert the fire-obsessed King Aerys II Targaryen, but he was unsuccessful and started to question his own faith.

Thoros became a frequent drinking companion of the new king, Robert I. During Greyjoy’s Rebellion, Thoros earned recognition for being the first over the wall at Pyke. Thoros is a frequent tourney mêlée champion, using cheap swords set aflame with wildfire to spook the other combatants’ horses. Three times Thoros defeated Sandor Clegane in the mêlées.

Lord Eddard Stark, Hand of the King, tasks Thoros with recruiting twenty men to join the party of Beric, which is to seek out Ser Gregor Clegane and bring him to the king’s justice. When war breaks out, Beric and Thoros raid the foraging parties of Lord Tywin Lannister. The small force is almost wiped out and Beric is killed by Gregor Clegane’s lance, Thoros performed the last kiss, a traditional burial ritual of his faith, and inadvertently resurrected Beric. The spiritually reawakened Thoros continues to resurrect Beric through means beyond his understanding, and he has greater success seeing visions in flames. The red priest leads his fellow outlaws in prayers to R’hllor, the Lord of Light.

Model Design – What a terrifying thing to behold and is the first of many hopeful zombie models for the game. Whilst CMON has a longline of zombie models, the game has been missing this component for a while, and it is a great place to introduce them with Lady Stoneheart. I do appreciate the detail gone into the face and neck of Catelyn to show the injuries she suffered during the Red Wedding; I can’t wait to see how people paint the injuries. I also like the stance Stonheart has taken almost as a coven witch to represent the darkness that has taken over this character.

Rules Design – Thoros’ rules are mostly covered in terms of his abilities, with one of them looking like it might meddle with targeting and the others being expensive abilities to boost the melee action. It could be something relating to his flaming sword which he would use often in Tourneys to unnerve the opponent. The melee attack is not great but at least he has a decent defence. From what we can see it is not that all impressive, but you are likely to have the space for Thoros in your lists due to his cost, and his Motivation is the true power of the bard.

Motivation Design – Thoros can kill a model for free. It will be hard to set it up as it relies on the opponent making a mistake for it to go off. He must be within three squares of a model that has arrested a model. You then spend 2 Gold and kill both. Here is how it works: you get Beric captured, you use Thoros to kill both Beric and the captor, then you bring back Beric with his own Motivation, now you are a model up against the opponent and only had to spend Gold to do so. Likely, a model sent to deal with Beric is a valuable model, and you could skew this to be someone worth removing such as The Mountain.

The caveat to this is that Thoros will be targeted as the opponent won’t want to capture which loses them an avenue to score every turn, but if they kill Thoros his dead Motivation gives VPs to the Brotherhood for captured enemies. So the captured side of the game is in the Brotherhood’s control and forces the opponent to be very aware of it or suffer the consequences.

Gendry – Painted by insta: kike_beroller

Gendry – The Bull

Lore – Gendry was born in King’s Landing, but he does not know that he is the bastard son of King Robert I Baratheon. His mother, a worker at an alehouse, died when he was still a young boy. Tobho Mott, a master smith, took Gendry on as an apprentice after being paid double the customary fee by a stout, brown-bearded man with a hooded face. Lords Jon Arryn and Stannis Baratheon called upon Tobho and Gendry during their investigation into Robert’s children.

When Lord Eddard Stark visited Master Tobho Mott and Gendry, at once Lord Stark sees the similarity with King Robert I Baratheon and recognizes that Gendry is his bastard. The promising Gendry has made a helmet in the shape of a bull. Eddard compliments the helmet, offering to purchase it, but Gendry refuses. Arrangements are made by Lord Varys for Yoren of the Night’s Watch to take Gendry to the Wall with him, to protect him from Cersei. Gendry travels north with Yoren and thirty other recruits, including a disguised Arya Stark, but are overwhelmed by Lannister loyal forces and brought to Harrenhal where Gendry worked as a smith.

Arya helps Gendry escape from Harrenhal and they end up with the Brotherhood Without Banners. Impressed with the ideals of the brotherhood, Gendry offers to serve them as a blacksmith. He is knighted by Beric as Ser Gendry, knight of the hollow hill. He does encounter Brienne later in the story, and she mistakes him for Renly Baratheon, but this is cut short by an attack on her life to which Gendry saves her.

Model Design – Gendry’s model concept is awesome but it kind of looks off. Some people have expressed how the helmet looks disproportionate and not usable in combat, which I can agree to an extent. Gendry is no knight or fighter, and is known for hammering an anvil well, he can do some good pieces, but this is not why he received patronage from Jon Arryn as an example. I would say he has made the helmet out of the cool factor rather than usability. He keeps the blacksmith look and has arms like Marcus Fenix from Gears of War. A model we should have had sooner, and with us getting the Neutral Arya, we just need Hot pie to complete the trinity.

Rules Design – Gendry is super tough to chew through due to the massive 4 Wounds he sports, although his defence save is low, you will need multiple attacks to bring down the bull. He has a great combat statistic hitting on 4+ but if you do not charge it looks like you gain a bonus of debuff to the opponent which could be the hammer concussing the opponent that could stack with the Shaken effect, or it could be a negative to defence allowing Gendry to hit hard. But there is also an Aftermath that can cause additional Wounds. Thinking about it, could you do 3 Wounds with Gendry being near to Stoneheart just with the Aftermath alone?

For a silver, Gendry is a no brainer in any Neutral force, and perhaps in any Faction. He is looking to be very useful and could be a thorn in the side to most opponents not prepared for the young blacksmith to suddenly counter the likes of big names.

Edric Dayne – Painte by insta: ivan_miniatures

Edric Dayne – Beric’s Squire

Lore – Edric Dayne, also known as Ned, is the Lord of Starfall and the head of House Dayne. His father, whose name is unknown, was the elder brother of Ser Arthur, Lady Ashara, and Lady Allyria Dayne. Edric serves as the squire of Beric Dondarrion, Lord of Blackhaven.

As Lord Beric Dondarrion’s squire, Edric is part of the force sent by Lord Eddard to the Riverlands to apprehend Ser Gregor Clegane for raiding the Riverlands. After the force is ambushed in the battle at the Mummer’s Ford, Edric pulls the dying Beric out of the Red Fork and stands over the body while the battle rages around them. Edric continues to squire for the revived Lord Beric, whose outlaws fight to protect smallfolk in the Riverlands during the War of the Five Kings.

When Arya Stark is taken by the brotherhood without banners to the hollow hill, she sees that Lord Beric has a young squire named Ned, she becomes unnerved by him for sharing the name with her recently executed father. Edric attempts to befriend a wary Arya during the brotherhood’s travels, and her friend Gendry is scornful of their interactions. Ned tells Arya that he saw her father Eddard and sister Sansa at the Hand’s tourney. Ned states that he and Arya’s half-brother Jon Snow are milk brothers; that is, his wet nurse Wylla, who has been a servant of House Dayne for many years, is Jon’s mother, and swears that this is true on the honour of his house.

After Beric’s final death, Edric and several other members of Beric’s band go their separate ways from those who choose to follow the resurrected, vengeful Lady Stoneheart. This may lead him to arriving at Starfall the same time Aero Hotah and Obara Sand arrive to deal with Darkstar.

Model Design – Edric’s inclusion in the Martell Heroes 2 box was a little farfetched considering he never came close to interacting with anyone from the Faction throughout the story, which is why I thought he would be a NCU to represent his influence in other places. But a squire is correct for Edric just not with any of the Martells. Here he stands with the correct Faction and with a great design for the young squire. If I were to imagine Ser Arthur Daynein his youth then this model would be what I would see, I love the sword and the clothing that has been made for the model.

Rules Design – Edric is bad, but we only have half of the picture. For the same price as Gendry, he brings a lot less to the table with half the wounds and half the chances of succeeding in combat. However, if you have a Silver spare, and manage to put the finishing blow against a model, Edric levels up to a new version that we have not seen yet. It is hard to determine how useful Edric is until we see the levelled-up version.

Tom Sevenstreams – Painted by insta: martin.mateos_feral

Tom Sevenstreams

Lore – Tom of Sevenstreams, also known as Tom o’ Sevens or Tom Sevenstrings, is a singer and a member of the Brotherhood Without Banners. Tom looks around fifty years old. He is small and trim with thinning brown hair. He has thin, foxy appearances with a sharp nose and a wide smile. Tom is a singer and plays a woodharp, which he occasionally plucks when he talks.

House Tully has never been good to Tom. Tom once ran afoul of Edmure Tully when he stole a girl that Edmure was supposed to bed to take his virginity. Edmure had drunk too much and was unable to perform. Tom then made a song about a floppy fish, which led to Edmure’s hatred of music. Tom is a vessel for a laundry list of songs that George wrote for the world of ASOIAF.

Tom is very much a spy that brings information to the Brotherhood which allows them to act. Under Lady Stoneheart, some Freys are ambushed due to the information Tom has on their movements. This all builds up to him gaining reputation with Jaime Lannister and being given a position alongside his Aunt Genna Lannister, which I am sure won’t come back to bite any of the remaining Lannister names.

Model Design – I hope with the release of House Arryn that we will see Marillion which is an important limerick, but the other important one is Tom Sevenstreams, and we get the sly spy added to the roster with a fantastic model. I love seeing mediaeval instruments and the Harp looks fantastic especially with its little holster. The facial design is something very advanced for the modellers of the game and showcases how far they have come from the early days. You get a sense of who Tom is by the way he smiles and furrows his brow, like he is running circles around your wit wise like a fox. The many knife holsters look cool too. One of my favourites from the whole set.

Rules Design – Tom will be a useful piece for a player to use. He has a small, ranged attack but it has a lot of dice but is a free Action every turn, you could spend 9 Copper and do the attack three times, which would be one way to clear out a lot of people or mow down a tough opponent like Robert Baratheon. However, he does have a counter ability which can remove the Routed condition from all models in short range, this could be a very useful ability since there are a lot of models out there that can put the condition out. You will need to set Tom up but when you do, his actions may turn the entire game. Just like how his information saw big players for the Freys crossed out.

Lem Lemoncloak – painted by insta: sergiovilchesminiatures

Lem Lemoncloak – The Lemon

Lore – Big and brawny, Lem has bad teeth, a bushy brown beard, and a harsh, deep voice.] He has a fierce, soldier look to him, and his strong hands are calloused. Lem is blunt and gruff. He snores loudly. Lem is known for his large, hooded yellow cloak which is patched with deerskin. Lem is part of Lord Beric Dondarrion’s royal party sent by Lord Eddard Stark, Hand of the King, to kill Ser Gregor Clegane.

Lem and his companions in the brotherhood without banners stumble upon Arya Stark, Gendry and Hot Pie digging in a garden. After some archery from Anguy, they convince the three young travellers to accompany them to the Inn of the Kneeling Man, where Sharna and Husband are familiar with the brotherhood. Arya breaks Lem’s nose with a tankard of ale before learning that Harwin of Winterfell is Lem’s ally.

Lem remains with Lady Stoneheart and becomes one of the leading figures in their forces. Whilst some of his decisions seem to be less than wise, he is a capable fighter and acts as the commanding force for some of their warbands, specifically the one that protects the Inn at the Crossroads.

Model Design – I would be all for Lem’s model but it looks a lot like Luthor Largent’s model from the King’s Landing set, but Luthor’s model looks ten times better and this looks like a knock off. Some artwork depicts him as a rugged veteran of the Crownlands to which the model does achieve, and with the right paintjob it could shine as focusing on Crownland design to give it some representation although we do not know where he comes from even though it is heavily theorised, he is a Lonmouth. One nitpick, his nose isn’t nearly as messed up since Arya breaks it and it heals incorrectly and is always mentioned for some reason.

Rules Design – Lem’s rules have him working together with other models in your force. You can give out an additional move and gain a formidable attack when flanking. Lem on his own is nothing to shout home about sporting nothing impressive, but combined with another he can stand against even the mightiest of opponents. 4 dice on 6+ could be enough to remove almost anything. Use him wisely, and use both his abilities in tandem with each other, and you will have a big problem for the opponent to think about, which for the Brotherhood may be one too many problems for them to face.

Men-at-Arms – Painted by insta: hrminiatures

Brotherhood Man At Arms

Lore – The Brotherhood Without Banners is founded in the Riverlands by soldiers and nobles who were sent by the then-Hand of the King, Eddard Stark, to bring Gregor Clegane to justice. After they are ambushed while crossing a ford and nearly defeated, the group continues the fight as a guerrilla group. Their numbers increase as they are joined by defeated soldiers from other battles, deserters, and refugees from the War of the Five Kings and take on the mission of protecting the smallfolk from the depredations of any side of the war. Every man of the Brotherhood receives a knighthood from Beric.

This gives a lot of freedom in designing the models for the Brotherhood but also raises up their potential in combat since they were likely some of the better fighters selected to bring the King’s justice and the rest are soldiers of larger forces built for war. Whilst they could be deserters or brigands looking for stability during the war, they would need the approval of several strong-willed people such as Thoros and Beric, I assume this would remove those not suitable.

Men-at-Arms – Painted by insta: hrminiatures

Model Design – There are three different designs for the Men-at-Arms and they are all very distinctly not related to other Factions. It would be easy to make a Stark looking member, or King’s Landing member, but the designs have tried to be their own thing without definitive aesthetic relating to something else. The woodcutter model looks brilliant and could be for many smaller locations across the Riverlands like Acorn Hill or the Isle of Faces, the mace wielding model looks to have found themselves some unique weaponry which maces are not that popular in the model range, and the final one keeps up the flaming look that the leaders bring. They all look great and I would like a full box of these models for the main game please.

Rules Design – I am glad the Men-at-Arms are not worthless soldiers and have some decent statistics that make them shine. Whilst slightly more expensive than other standard soldiers, they have some great defence and combat stats that can make them a menace. They also get to move after their attack which would be very useful in getting past the opponent or out of danger if needed. So, you could move into engagement, attack, then move out, so the opponent doesn’t spend their actions doing a double attack and must move to you. They do have another ability, but we cannot see what this is.

Archer – Painted by insta: olmo_castrillo_miniatures

Brotherhood Archer

Lore – After pouring over the story, there isn’t anything specific for Brotherhood Archers, however Anguy is not included in this set and is a prominent figure of the Brotherhood as a skilled archer. Following him at the Battle at the Burning Septry, Kyle and Notch act as archers taking out guards in the early stages of the conflict.

Whilst no other mentions of archers are present with the Brotherhood it is incredibly likely that there was a small force of them when they left King’s Landing as a small force of a hundred departed under the King’s Banner. Over the course of the War of the Five Kings, some of these fell but various other people joined, it is not a far stretch to assume that the harassing style of combat the Brotherhood prefers wouldn’t include ranged weapons for their ambushes.

Archer – painted by BigChild Creatives

Model Design – Again the models look so different from other Factions to make sure you are not shoehorned into painting them in a specific way. They look like outlaws and have different types of bows which is interesting for how they utilise bowmen. They do make me wish for more archers in the game with some different rules depending on the type of bow you use like short bows and recurve bows. When Crossbowmen dominate the scene and have the exact same rules for almost all of them, it would be nice to gain some flavour here.

Rules Design – The Brotherhood Archer may show up in almost all forces, which is a common saying for the Brotherhood box. One of the main problems with ranged attacks is line of sight, and so closing the distance is important to have the model be active throughout the game. The trade-off is usually missing out on some damage in trade of better positioning. However, the Brotherhood Archer has an Aftermath ability which allows them to move 2 Squares after the attack. Having them not lose momentum whilst moving about is crucial to giving them a place amongst the ranged units. However, they are easy to take down if you can tie them up.


It has been a long time coming for the Brotherhood Without Banners to join the ASOIAF: TMG and it is nice to see that the first taste of the Faction will be in the skirmish game mode providing more character to the members of the Brotherhood. The models look fantastic, and they all have some interesting mechanics that will make them a force to be reckoned with and not a blunt sword like the Neutrals were for a while.

Neutrals are getting a lot of love in the Tactics game with four different boxes of new models. Whilst it is all exciting to see them in the skirmish game, as a mainly Neutral player, I am excited to see what rules they will have for The Miniatures Game. We have one more box to go through for the Neutrals and it is the main one for a Neutral player: Secrets and Whispers.

Have any questions or feedback? Drop us a note in the comments below or email us at