ASOIAF Tactics – Riverlands Initial Review, Part Two: The Lannisters

Last week we looked at the Stark side of the Riverlands box set. Today, it’s the Lannisters’ turn.

The Lannisters

Jaime Lannister – Painted by BigChild Creatives

Jaime Lannister – Dashing Lion

Model Design – I am so sorry to the designer for what I am about to say. Jaime’s model is the worst model in the entire game. His proportions seem off which results in him looking a little awkward, almost like there is a section of his body where torso and legs meet that is missing. But the pure gold armour and lion helmet just seems so wrong, almost an assault on the senses. But I don’t believe this is due to the paintjob but the design of the model being pure armour. If it was silver or red it wouldn’t change the look of the model. I really dislike the design but can appreciate that the designer tried to make a different looking Jaime than what we’ve previously received.

Rules Design – Jaime Lannister comes with Feint, Expert Riposte and Threaten as abilities. Feint is Jaime’s combat action and if you pour a lot of copper into this ability you can gain a heck of a lot of dice and practically have a guaranteed chance of killing whatever you face, especially on the best hit in the game. Expert Riposte is something featured on a lot of strong duellists and gives a recoil damage if the defender lives. Threaten forces a Morale Test in a short-range aura that can result in multiple characters losing actions and being shut down.

Overall, Jaime needs to be slain quickly before he can launch his abilities and become a huge nuisance for your force. Be careful swarming him as he can hold his own with a brilliant defence and morale statistic. The biggest threat to Jaime is equal competition; if someone throws down Robert Baratheon, or perhaps even Robb Stark, you may be in trouble. Finally, a good representation of Jaime’s skills in combat.

Motivation Design – This rule is designed around Jaime seeking out duels with big names and winning. Whilst this is very thematic the scoring is awful on it. I doubt I will spend Gold for a VP unless I am out of options. Literally last man on earth sort of vibes. However, the trade-off for this is that Jaime himself is very good, so a mediocre motivation in trade for an incredible character.

Tyrion lannister – Painted by sergiovilchesminiatures

Tyrion Lannister – The Imp

Model Design – Opposite of Jaime, Tyrion looks brilliant. I appreciate the youthfulness in Tyrion here where you can see the ageing of the character in more than just looks with this being the beginning form ending in the Heroes Box form. I love the lion symbol on the clothing which invokes a lot of talented painters looking to fill the negative space with freehand and this can now be portrayed in some way with those not skillful enough to do freehand. The best part is the facial expression. It is well laid out for those who excel in painting faces and I look forward to painting the eyebrow raise inbuilt into the model.

Rules Design – Tyrion comes with Amuse, Convince, and Bribe abilities. Amuse forces an enemy in short range to become Routed without needing to fail a Morale Test to do so. This can be quite a powerful ability that will instantly shut down a character from performing in a way the opponent would like them to. Convince can prevent Tyrion from being targeted which is an incredibly useful ability to have, and this can play into his Motivation very well. As long as you have Silver to spend, you will be able to prevent Tyrion from being removed from the game thanks to Bribe preventing him from being arrested or killed.

Tyron is a nuisance to deal with and something you want to remove from the game as soon as possible, however it is difficult to do so. If you devote resources to deal with Tyrion, then you are wasting them on The Imp rather than focusing on some other threats like Jaime Lannister or Gregor Clegane.

Motivation Design – Tyrion excels in doing his own thing and running away from meaningful relationships not really out of choice. For Tyrion’s motivation, the designers have created a way for Tyrion to seek out help from his enemies by bribing them to his side, but he only does this when he is out of options, when those he has paid have been laid low. One Gold for 2VPs is more than easy to obtain but you do put a decent support character in a bad situation with the likelihood of the situation ending in death or capture which may play into other motivational playstyles like Catelyn.

Gregor Clegane – Painted by sergiovilchesminiatures

Gregor Clegane – The Mountain

Model Design – A sentiment shared by a lot of people over in the comment section of the Gamefound page is that the design of the Mountain model is unimaginative. We have had countless Gregor Cleganes adorned in yellow and wearing the large armour with the colossal shield. Only the Kickstarter exclusive model from the beginning of the game dared to explore by removing the shield and helmet from the model. Whilst there are fun details and creative choices making this model unique, it does nothing to be different and comes off lazy.

We could have gotten an unarmoured Gregor like how Cersei finds him in the show for the trial by combat. But the one idea I am in favour of was a brigand version. Tywin sent Gregor and his forces to burn the Riverlands without a link to colours or house. Folk of the Riverlands reported this to Ned Stark, the Hand of the King, and they concluded this hulking man can no longer be the Mountain thus sentencing him and Tywin to the King’s justice. Since the set is designed around the Riverlands and the conflict at the Inn that ignited the war, Brigand Gregor would have been perfect. In fact, I will be converting this model into a brigand version.

Rules Design – Whilst we cannot see Gregor’s full rules, we do know that you are forced to pay copper to prevent him from going into an uncontrollable rage attacking all characters near to him. This can be useful when you direct him into a pile of enemies, but you need to make sure none of your own characters are affected by it. This is probably the most accurate version of the Mountain’s rules we have ever had since it showcases the walking on eggshells people must experience when around the Mad Dog. We can see no other rules and do not know if he is a brutal combatant, but we can see like the Greatjon he will be tough to bring down.

Sandor Clegane – Painted by BigChild Creatives

Sandor Clegane – The Hound

Model Design – A huge improvement on the Hound’s previous two models in detail but also painting potential. The previous models for the Hound for the most part have been all one colour due to the design, like Jaime in this box. The Neutral Hound has added a lot more textures giving painters a way to not have a flat model. This design has a lot of parts to encourage a layered paint job of various colours more pleasing to the eye. It also gives those who missed out on the dog head helmet variant from the kickstarter a chance to own a version like this.

I do personally dislike the art direction for this model as it doesn’t scream the Hound to me. But you cannot knock them down from achieving everything that the Mountain model does not.

Rules Design – The Hound has terrible morale which is so perfect in reflecting his opinion for being under the Lannister thumb. However, this is something to be worried about when it could result in him doing nothing. He has an impressive combat ability and a decent defensive ability to match, but one easily-failed morale test will make him worthless. Not well-designed in my opinion, which is weird since a lot of the other models in the entire range work well.

Motivation Design – The motivation is weird, especially since it comes with a low VP amount and debuffs your own model. However, I see this rule as reflecting the moment at the Hand’s Tourney when Gregor was only stopped in his rampage by Sandor to which Sandor was never trying to kill him. The rule seems to lock down Sandor and an opposing character, but this would prevent Sandor from doing a combat action since you need two actions for his combat action, and he will be reduced due to the motivation. Whilst an interesting design it is incredibly counter intuitive to utilise and is another motivation for the Lannisters you will only activate if it is the only option to score.

Addam Marbrand – Painted by BigChild Creatives

Addam Marbrand – Outrider Commander

Lore – Addam Marbrand is a knight of House Marbrand, and the son and heir of Lord Damon Marbrand of Ashemark. He is one of the chief knights in the service of Tywin Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock, and served as his Outrider Commander for scouting and screening operations during the War of the Five Kings.

Addam is gallant and charming whilst being a close friend to Jaime Lannister. He is an excellent horseman and swordfighter and is described as a daring commander whom others would willingly follow into battle. Addam wears burnished bronzed armour, and the burning tree of the Marbrands is etched upon his breastplate whilst being cloaked in a bronze and grey cloak. He rides a spirited red courser, barded with bronze-coloured trappings emblazoned with the burning tree.

During the war, Addam is the one that reports that Robb Stark is marching a northern host down the causeway. Addam is then ordered to withdraw and harass the opposing force’s flanks, while Tywin marches the Lannister host north to engage them. In the opening weeks of the war, Addam’s scouts raid the area around the Twins, and skirmish against the soldiers of House Frey, but the Blackfish is dispatched to deal with this through several skirmishes in a hope to screen Robb’s actual plan. If the Blackfish messed up one time allowing one of the Outriders to slip through and discover what was going on, the well-known ploy of Robb Stark would have been foiled.

Addam commands whole flanks for Tywin in battle including large portions of mounted troops which is best described as a Lannister Rohan force. He is one of the only members of the council that gives advice that is reflected in what is enacted or said through Tywin or Tyrion. Addam distinguishes himself defending King’s Landing at the ensuing Battle of the Blackwater, and it is enough to be recognized by the King.

There are plenty more deeds Addam gets up to once he is made Lord Commander of the City Watch, but this version is specifically supposed to be the one in the Riverlands during the war and should not be listed here. However, he does not stop his impressive actions at this point with so many more actions distinguishing himself as someone or recognise.

Addam Marbrand – painted by BigChild Creatives

Model Design – Another missed opportunity to place Addam Marbrand on horseback. Whilst Addam does become the Commander of the City Watch he is well known for being the cavalry Commander and mirrored opposition to the Blackfish for the Lannisters. This model is called Outrider Commander but there are no Outrider models, and nor does Addam ride a mount. It literally is just a new pose for a model that exists and feels as if a carrot is being dangled in front of us. Furthermore, looking at it without the paint job results in it being any knight in the story. There are no defining features of House Marbrand or Ashermark. I am half tempted to use this as my Jaime Lannister. Terrible model direction since it is well-sculpted for a blank slate knight.

Rules Design – We can’t see all of Addam’s rules, but they do seem to be quite powerful with a strong combat statistic and the first time seeing an auto wound in the game from an ability. He also sports a morale buffing rule and another rule we can see very little of. I hope there is a mobility rule involved in this model since he is the Outrider Commander, but I doubt it. With great defensive and offensive stats, he will be a strong candidate for forces in the game.

Morrec – Painted by matt.carnevale

Morrec – Resourceful Valet

Lore – Morrec is a servant of Tyrion Lannister on his travels. Morrec is a better archer than a swordsman, but he is still not a soldier. Morrec accompanies Tyrion Lannister north to Winterfell and then to the Wall, Morrec is then later taken captive with Tyrion at the crossroads inn and forced to ride into the Mountains of the Moon, where he dies from a fever caused by a festering wound after a clash with the Mountain Clans.

Model Design – Morrec’s model is a brand-new look for the Lannister forces since there are no models in the range that wield a bow. I like the idea of maybe introducing a bow Unit that is lower in quality than the crossbowmen in the future and basing them around this design and the theme of Stefford’s host. It is quite a unique looking Lannister soldier until you realise that this is not who Morrec is, and his duties are more that of a servant or quire. It is a great consolation prize for Podrick, but it will do and at least the bow is one of the more realistic ones in the game.

Rules Design – We can’t exactly make out Morrec’s rules, but they work like Jyck in a sense that they are Guardsman with something a little extra, which is a little weird considering he is mentioned as being no soldier but is just as good as them in combat. Morrec brings a ranged attack that looks to be the same as the Crossbowman but also brings something I am not all too sure works well. When an opponent attempts to capture a friendly model that must pass a morale boost to do so otherwise it fails and the defender dies instead. I wouldn’t want Tyrion to be killed but if it is that or captured plus give Catelyn a bunch of points, I will go out of my way to do so. It also doesn’t line up to anything in the lore.

Jyck – Trusted Bodyguard

Lore – Jyck is a guard sworn to House Lannister who serves as escort to Tyrion Lannister when he travels to the Wall and is a very good swordsman. Jyck is then later taken captive with Tyrion at the crossroads inn and forced to ride into the Mountains of the Moon. During the attack from the Mountain Clans, Jyck is cut down from behind while he is slicing at a man in front of him. Tyrion thinks that he was a fool to the end.

Model Design – I was not expecting to be blown away by Jyck’s model but I am. The artwork does a lot to help understand the look of this model and having a full Unit adorned in this fashion would be something I would love to see. It is crazy to think that this very small character in the story is detailed with so much character and beauty than bigger names such as the Addam Marbrand model we just spoke about. He outdoes all other Lannister models in this set and could even beat a lot of the Starks as well. A gorgeous model and the designer cooked on this.

Rules Design – Jyck is a Lannister Guardsman but with Bodyguard to protect your named characters. This could be very useful with protecting Tyrion with the way his motivation works, but it can also help guarantee that you are able to withstand an attack coming in from a big opponent. You will be throwing Jyck to the wolves in a sense to give you a better chance at winning.

Lannister Crossbowman – Painted by miguelminis

Lannister Crossbowman

Model Design – When the Lannister model update arrived for the game, I did not believe it was necessary due to the original models being well done. However, the subtle changes in the posing and details made me appreciate them a lot. The same can be said for this model in comparison to the Unit version in the main game. Just like the Tully Sworn Shield, when selecting a generic attachment for the Crossbowmen I will be using this model which will stand out amongst them. A great look at what an update to those models could look like.

Rules Design – The Lannister Crossbowman is a flexible danger to the opponent. If the Crossbowman does not move, then you gain a very strong ranged shot that I have not seen beaten in quality elsewhere in the game. But if you need to move the model you still have a strong ranged attack. The Crossbowman does look to be a brilliant model and an auto include in the force.

Lannister Guardsmen – Painted by miguelminis

Lannister Guardsman

Model Design – Just like the Sworn Swords for Starks, the Lannister Guardsmen don’t do much to differentiate from the main models from the Starter Set and the posing isn’t that different either. I am more excited that I can get a model to replace the one that had a missing part that could not be resolved so I have a full Unit again. Well, when Tactics releases.

Rules Design – Lannister Guardsmen do next to nothing impactful other than they have an okay attack and pretty good defence. However, unlike the Tully Sworn Shields they aren’t going to be dishing out any effects. It might be worth putting them on an objective since the will be slightly more difficult to remove than other models in the game and if you are wasting your time with them then you are ignoring characters like Jaime and Tyrion.

Mountain’s Man – Painted by matt.carnevale

Mountain’s Man

Model Design – When the Two Player Starter Set split into respective Faction Starter Sets, they all got an update but two Units were left out of this in favour for a brand new Unit. Stark Outriders have been left behind alongside the Mountain’s Men, but both were the models that didn’t need an update. However, the models we get in this set for the Mountain’s Men show that if the models were to be updated, they would look incredible in comparison.

Rules Design – We can’t see the rules for this model, but we can see that they have decent combat stat that can be improved in some form followed by an ability that works with the Mountain.


The Riverlands Set brings a mixed bag of decent and underwhelming models and rules, but for the most part everything is an improvement and will be welcomed into the players forces. There are some great updates to old characters that may never have seen an update outside of this skirmish style set and we should be grateful for that, however there are missed opportunities with a few characters included and not included that prevent the set from being perfect.