Gareth Hall

General’s Pocketbook: Staying in the Game

Once again Gareth opens the Generals' Pocketbook for a study on Age of Sigmar. In every game, there's a certain maximum number of points available to each player. Andtor has spiced things up a little bit with some battleplans...

The General’s Pocketbook: Early Game Battle Tactics

Since we've been in Andtor some armies have found themselves in a difficult spot with battle tactics. In today's pocketbook we look at how you might be able to alleviate that, or at least plan better for it in...

Start Competing: Blades of Khorne

Blades of Khorne are one of the OG’s of Age of Sigmar, first hit the tables in the starter set in 1st Ed and have been on a bit of a rollercoaster. In 3rd Ed, they’re back with a...

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Killteam UTC Weekend Recap: February 20-26, 2024

We’re coming in with a little UTC catch up and a check in with the metagame as seen by...
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