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Unsung Heroes of the Apocalypse

Units We Are Excited to Field In Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse Introduction With the launch of Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team in the summer of 2018, Games Workshop changed the paradigm of 40K-adjacent games from their previous incarnations. No longer just a smaller...

Alfredo Road to Nova: Part 3 – Slow (and steady?) Progress

Previously on Road to Nova... I abandoned my commitment to Chaos in favor of Eldar, and I finished 1 of the 3 models I absolutely needed for NOVA. Plus, I started touching up some older models that I never got...

Alfredo’s Road to Nova: Part 2 – The Elfening Begins

Previously on Road to NOVA... Having made a critical self-assessment of my available hobby time, I decided that abandon my plans to bring Chaos to NOVA 2019 and instead bolster my existing Aeldari army by turning my Biel-Tan and Iyanden...

Alfredo’s Road to NOVA Part 1: Hard Left at Chaos

1. No Plan Survives First Contact with the Enemy So, if you read the excellent introductory Road to Nova post, you may have seen that I was planning on running a mix of Chaos for NOVA, buoyed by my recent...

2018 Hobby Review – Totally Unfocused Edition

Inspired by the many talk of accomplishments for the year in the Discord but having quit the forums, I decided to post my review here on ye olde goonhammer. While it feels like I did fuck all in 2018,...

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Two Big Marines and a Gunslinging Raptor. Set up for a bad joke, or this week's Content We Liked? You make the call.
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