Cody "Lucyth" Mann

Necromunday: A Tale of Four Scumlords – Part 2

Welcome back, Scummers! Long overdue, Dan, Cody, Dylan, and Fowler return for an update on their new gangs for 2022. Let’s read on and see how pathetic their progress has been over the past 4 months. DYLON: I started off...

Necromunday: A Tale of Four Scumlords – Part 1

Welcome back, Scummers! During the week, it was revealed that Dan, Cody, Dylan, and Fowler all plan on building new gangs in 2022 independently of one another. Because of that, we’ve decided to ask each one to detail their...

Necromunday: Lost Zone Loot Caskets

This week we're going to take a look at some loot casket house rules cooked up by Dylan and Cody. Looking for some side objectives to spice up your games? Interested in finding new and exciting ways for your...

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Goonhammer Hot Take: The November 2023 Blood Bowl FAQ

Hello, Sports Fans! Welcome to the first Blood Bowl Hot Take in a while. This morning, GW graced us...
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