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Ironjawz at the Goonhammer Open: An Age of Sigmar Event Report

Last weekend saw the inaugural Goonhammer Open Age of Sigmar event, as part of the wider GHO event held at De Montford Students’ Union in Leicester. As a Goonhammer contributor who is (reasonably) local, I was on the hook...

Cronch’s 2023 Year in Review

Cronch's 2023 Year in Review looks back at a year of Age of Sigmar and Middle Earth.

Age of Sigmar 1,000 Point Battlepack: Contest of Warlords review

In issue 490 of White Dwarf, Games Workshop share a new Age of Sigmar battlepack designed for playing 1,000 point games. Cronch is running through the battlepack's rules and missions here to see how it compares to previous small-game...

Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms Model Review – Council of the Dark Brotherhood

Thanks to Modiphius Entertainment for providing this kit for Goonhammer to review. Everyone loves to be an assassin, and this Dark Brotherhood expansion for Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms allows you to play as Skyrims's favourite underground cult of ritualistic...

The Road To Brotherhood Part 1 – Introduction to Team Age Of Sigmar

If you’re a regular Goonhammer reader, you might have come across James “One_Wing” Grover’s excellent Start Competing: Warhammer 40,000 Team Tournaments article recently. Well, 40k isn’t the only game where teams can duke it out for overall victory; there...

About Me

Since getting back into the hobby via X-Wing and Warmachine in 2014 after the standard teens-mid-20s break, Rich has become a keen Age of Sigmar player, and also enjoys 30K, 40K and GW's Specialist Games more casually.
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Know Thy Enemy: An Opponent’s Guide to the Chaos Space Marine Codex

The new Chaos Space Marines codex is here, sporting the largest selection of detachments yet and a whole host...
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