Rich "Cronch" Nutter

The Road To Brotherhood Part 1 – Introduction to Team Age Of Sigmar

If you’re a regular Goonhammer reader, you might have come across James “One_Wing” Grover’s excellent Start Competing: Warhammer 40,000 Team Tournaments article recently. Well, 40k isn’t the only game where teams can duke it out for overall victory; there...

About Me

Since getting back into the hobby via X-Wing and Warmachine in 2014 after the standard teens-mid-20s break, Rich has become a keen Age of Sigmar player, and also enjoys 30K, 40K and GW's Specialist Games more casually.
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Boon’s US Open Grand Finale – A Best Overall Finish

During the period of November 17th to the 19th, the Games Workshop US Open Grand Finale was held at...
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