Jeremy "Curie" Atkinson

Stat Check Episode 30 – Are Guard Players Ok?

Check out Episode 30 of Stat Check on Libsyn or wherever you download podcasts. Innes is back from LVO and free from his job! Innes, Anthony, and Jeremy talk about the early results of Arks of Omen, how the Imperial...

Stat Check Episode 29 – Jack Champster

Check out Episode 29 of Stat Check on Libsyn or wherever you download podcasts. LVO and ITC champion Jack Harpster joins the crew for the 2nd week in a row to recap his LVO run, discuss FLG terrain, and take...

Meta Analysis: The 2023 LVO 40k Championship (aftermath)

Welcome back Dear Reader from a very jet-lagged correspondent. Last week we took a look at the meta breakdown of LVO, now we're back to talk about the results. A new champion has been crowned in Jack Harpster, and...

LVO 2023 Meta Analysis

Welcome Dear Reader to the first of (hopefully) many meta analysis articles brought to you by the Stat Check team. Stat Check recently partnered with Goonhammer, and as promised that means we’re bringing you even more competitive 40k content!...

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Chaos Space Marine Kill Team Tactics: The Legionaries Kill Team (Updated May 2023)

Hello there! Are you a traitor or heretic who hates the false emperor of mankind? Do you seethe with...
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