Cold War Gone Hot: Getting Started with Soviets

привіт, Comrade, and congratulations on your promotion! The Cold War’s just warming up and there’s plenty for everyone! It’s time to gather up your hard-earned influence and fashion a nice little fighting force for the road trip to Berlin. The...

Cold War Gone Hot – Team Yankee First Steps

Hello yes I would like to do a Cold War Last time, we dipped our toes into WWIII: Team Yankee to answer the question: what if, violence? This week, we’re dipping our toes in to test the oil-slick waters. Daveydweeb...

Cold War Gone Hot – Introducing WWIII: Team Yankee

Wake up, babe, new World War just dropped Welcome to World War III: Team Yankee, where the tanks are small and the battles are huge. It’s 1985, and quite a lot of people are about to share a significant emotional event....

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UTC Weekend Recap and Preview: April 5, 2024

  The Unified Tournament Circuit is a regional circuit for Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar which covers the area...
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