Mental Magic: Lessons I’ve Learned About Managing Mental Health Over the Last 10 Years

CW: Self Harm/ Mental Health Discussion Hello everyone, I hope you have all been good. This week I decided I wanted to talk about some lessons about Mental Health and gaming so I'm going to tell some stories from my...

Improving at Magic: How to Prepare for an Event

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. - Someone wise, probably Preparation is key to succeeding at most things in life. The problem is that preparing - doing your homework - is really boring. No one really likes doing...

Magic 201: How to Improve at Magic: The Gathering in the Long Run

Ahoy Hoy, my name is David Inglis I am from the UK and have been playing MTG since Scars Of Mirrodin. So far, I have a World Magic Cup Top 4, some GP Day 2s and a bunch of...

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Goonhammer Interviews the Top 3 from the Freak Wars, Spain’s Biggest Event of 2023

Attention troopers! After a well deserved holiday break your favorite sergeant is back with a new article about Kill...
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