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Nephilim Faction Focus: Death Guard

Welcome to War Zone: Nephilim! There’s never been a shake-up this large during an edition of 40k, and in June Games Workshop dropped a new missions pack with all-new secondaries, changed how CP works in games, published new, all-digital...

2Q22 Post-Dataslate Faction Focus: Death Guard

Games Workshop dropped its Q2 Balance Dataslate for 40k in mid-April, dramatically changing a number of key factions. Astra Miliatrum, Marines and Sisters were buffed, Harlequins, T’au, and Custodes were nerfed, and some key game rules were changed. Now...

Competitive Innovations BONUS: Don Hooson’s Dallas Open Death Guard List

I took another "Hooson List" to the now-infamous Dallas Open two weeks ago and was surprised at how effective it was. The event itself was great. It ran mostly on-time, there were a lot of judges which were quick...

Playing Death Guard with the New Codex

We're just excited as can be about the new Death Guard Codex, especially Don Hooson and Robert "TheChirurgeon" Jones, who today are talking about their thoughts on playing the army with the new book and some thoughts on building...

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Competitive Innovations in the Mortal Realms: Hi, My Name is Roy, I’m a Blood Addict

A mix of events using old and new battlescroll rules, with one even using new Cities of Sigmar rules...
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