Dylan Gould

Gaming Spaces: Dylan’s Space, Part 2 – the Gaming Space

Welcome back! Last week, we toured my hobby space, so let's take a walk through the gaming space/art gallery. Before we get there though, we'll stop in the entryway to the space, which is the hall between the two rooms.  There's...

Gaming Spaces: Dylan’s Space, Part 1 – The Hobby Space

In Gaming Spaces, we look at the spaces we've built to game in, talking about how they were built and how we're improving them. In today's first article of a two-part series, we're looking at Dylan Gould's space, starting...

Army Showcase: Dylan Gould’s 2nd Edition Chaos Space Marines

Welcome to GOONHAMMER '96, where we take a look back at our favorite games with a retro bent. We've already talked about the wonderful insanity of the 2nd edition CODEX: CHAOS this week, but we've got more retro Chaos...

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Wings goes on Contact – 7 Datasheets to Watch After the Balance Dataslate

In preparation for the LGT Invitational, Contact Lost are doing a series of interviews with participants where they bring...
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