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Goonhammer Historicals – Road to Leipzig: Introduction and a Review of Victrix’s Austrian Grenadiers

Introduction and Victrix Austrian Grenadier Review Hello, Goonhammer historical readers, You all may have read a lot of well-written but undue adorations of that rotten disruptor Napoleon Bonaparte over the past year. My fellow writer Lenoon has good taste in war...

Historicals Miniature Review: Perry Miniatures Foot Knights (1450-1500)

In this week's Historicals, Enz0_da_Baker is reviewing the Foot Knights (1450-1500) kit from Perry Miniatures. One of the worst parts of constantly reorganizing my hobby space is that I do often misplace boxes I reserved for my distant backlog. One...

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The Q1 2023 Kill Team Balance Dataslate – The Goonhammer Hot Take

Games Workshop have crunched through the data from Kill Team events for the three months since the last dataslate,...
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