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Goonhammer Historicals – World of Tanks (The Tabletop Game!) Review

Time for everyone to grab their tread grease and hearing protection, because we’re talking big tanks in a little game. This review was completed with a free copy of The World of Tanks Miniatures Game provided to us by Gale Force 9. The...

GHOULhammer Historicals – The Witchfinder General

Beware, fellow Dice God-fearing gamers, as witches walk among us. They haunt our game stores and our convention halls. They call upon black magicks to roll an unbelievable amount of sixes, and to constantly make me forget rules that...


Hello, folks! Enzo again, with a rather tardy column from my efforts to crush the revolutionary pretender in Paris. Napoleonic gaming is the first thing that comes to mind for many when they picture historical tabletop games. If you're interested...

Goonhammer Historicals – Road to Leipzig: Introduction and a Review of Victrix’s Austrian Grenadiers

Introduction and Victrix Austrian Grenadier Review Hello, Goonhammer historical readers, You all may have read a lot of well-written but undue adorations of that rotten disruptor Napoleon Bonaparte over the past year. My fellow writer Lenoon has good taste in war...

Historicals Miniature Review: Perry Miniatures Foot Knights (1450-1500)

In this week's Historicals, Enz0_da_Baker is reviewing the Foot Knights (1450-1500) kit from Perry Miniatures. One of the worst parts of constantly reorganizing my hobby space is that I do often misplace boxes I reserved for my distant backlog. One...

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Conquest in Eä V – Event Organisation and Review

General Cross talks about running and playing in his latest Conquest event post-FAQ.
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