Genghis Cohen

Infinity Faction Focus: Corregidor Jurisdictional Command

In our Faction Focus series, we take a deep dive into the factions of Infinity and look at how they play, what makes them work, and strategies for playing with them and against them. In today’s Faction Focus, we’re...

Necromunday: Assumptions and Overlooked Rules

Howdy Scummers! It’s Monday, so we’re back with another edition of Necromunday! This week, we’re having our newest contributor, Genghis Cohen, lead a conversation about what new players are missing in their first few games of Necromunda. Take it...

Necromunday: Upgrading Campaign Gangs

Ya gotta spend money to make money, Scummers! Previously, we talked about creating a gang designed to evolve with a campaign. If you're able to get some games in these days, you may be sitting on a pile of...

Necromunday: The Basics of Gang Building

Welcome back, Scummers! A new Arbitrator joins the team today, Orlock enthusiast and all-around great guy Genghis Cohen. Necromunda is a game of friends, where every Underhive's own particular little meta is bound to be completely unique based on...

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Goonhammer Historicals: Wargames Atlantic Aztecs Review (and Flower Wars Assembly Guide!)

This week the Goonhammer Historicals team takes a look at the Aztec miniatures released by Wargames Atlantic. In addition...
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