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Product Review: Warhammer Coasters

Once again, I have purchased Warhammer 40,000 merchandise, because it had a Dark Angel tangentially involved. Once again, I’m going to review it. I will buy just about anything if it has a Dark Angel on it. These don't...


Get in the Gregbot, reader.

Arks of Omen: Farsight – The Goonhammer Review

The now-no-longer-final entry in the Arks of Omen series, Farsight, is coming soon, and as always, the Goonhammer team is here to tell you all about it. Thanks once again to Games Workshop for providing us with a review copy...

Arks of Omen: Vashtorr – the Goonhammer Review

It’s finally here! The third installment of the Arks of Omen series has launched with what is definitely some great lore for Chaos’s new kid on the block, the expected slate of boarding action rules, a boarding action campaign...

Goonhammer reviews Steve Conlin, AKA James Workshop

Better known to most Warhammer fans as “James Workshop,” Steve Conlin is also a prolific Black Library voice actor - if you’ve listened to an audio drama or watched one of the animated shorts on Warhammer+, you’ve likely heard...

The Obligatory 2k23 LVO GW Reveal Roundtable

As usual, Games Workshop showed up at the Las Vegas Open and opened up their big bag of new models. As they are compelled to release new products, so we are compelled to have Hot Takes about them. Regular...

Let Us Now Reign In Terror, Together

Well well well. We’ve had a few false starts along the way, but I have a good feeling about things this time. I did before and I was disastrously wrong, twice, but this time it’s different. Things are going...

Amazon’s The Peripheral: This Meeting Could Have Been An Email

I don’t usually review movies and TV shows, or popular culture in general. The exception is posting one-sentence Hot Takes in one of our Discord channels right after I finish watching something: “aside from being a real good acting...


It’s a complex world out there of animal products, and Goonhammer is here to help. Whether it’s ranking the staple animal-based proteins on the market, or when a new type of meat drops and shakes up the game, we’re...

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