Book Review: Saturnine – Limited Edition Hardback

This review does NOT contain spoilers for Saturnine. That wouldn't be nice.  "There is work to be done,' he announced. 'I'm aware.' said Abbadon. 'My beloved lord,' said Eidolon, 'grows--' 'Many more supple breasts every day?' asked Aximand. The Mournival...

Aeronautica Imperialis Review: Tiny Planes, Big Possibilities

Hello, Immanentized back with another entry in the Unclehammer canon! Games Workshop released Aeronautica Imperialis on September 7th, and I've gone through the trouble of buying every available kit on release and reviewing it all for you wonderful readers here. As...

Unclehammer: Teaching Better Players, and Making the Next Generation

  Welcome to the first installation of Unclehammer, which is kind of like Dadhammer, but with much more flexibility, free time, hair, driving a two-door car, and having actual disposable income.   In this article, I want to take a deeper look...

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Nick Nanavati on Chaos Daemons in the Art of War Streamhouse RTT

The final die is cast. It spins for a few seconds longer than a normal die roll, which of...
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