Blood Bowl Team Focus – Elven Union

Alqualonde Falcons - Dragonbowl League 2018 Painted by Jackal I love Blood Bowl, and I think that Goonhammer could do with gaining some Blood Bowl content. While I love the game, I'm hardly a wizard at it. I've been playing a...

CHAOS THEORY (02) – Meet The Team!

An Evil Lord’s Guide to Fumbbling Around In The Darkness UNDERLEAGUE ATHLETICAL - MEET THE TEAM The UA is formed from the remnants of several Chaos Warbands that all but perished in the Northern wastes before being led by flickering lights...


An Evil Lord's Guide to Fumbbling Around In The Darkness The time has come for the annual FUMBBL Cup 2018. An open knockout tournament of massive scale, a chance for the best coaches and teams to compete for glory and...

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Horus Heresy Hot Take: Legacy and Exemplary Unit PDFs

The initial release of Horus Heresy 2 had some much-loved units missing from the already chunky Liber books, generally...
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