Innes Wilson

Competitive Innovations in 9th – Part 1: Tyranids are Fine, Actually

Innes: James is still on a break this week so you have me, some Scottish guy who has strong opinions on how balanced things are and a strong bias towards Tyranids that couldn’t possibly be an issue when I...

The May 2022 Imperial Armour Compendium FAQ Hot Take

GW released an FAQ for the Imperial Armour Compendium today, making adjustments to Eldar and Tyranids units in the book to bring them in line with their recent Codexes. We talk about what changed and what it means.

War Zone Nachmund Faction Focus: Genestealer Cults

The first competitive season for 40k has arrived, with War Zone: Nachmund giving us new points, missions, secondary objectives, and rules to contemplate. These rules represent a major shake-up for competitive 40k and to help you make sense of...

Playing Tyranids with Synaptic Link and the Leviathan Supplement

We recently had John Lennon weigh in on playing Tyranids with the new Octarius rules but there’s enough in the new content to give players multiple ways to build. We sat down with longtime hivemind devotee Innes Wilson, who...

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Horus Heresy Hot Take: Legacy and Exemplary Unit PDFs

The initial release of Horus Heresy 2 had some much-loved units missing from the already chunky Liber books, generally...
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