Kitty Sue SheHer

Gaming with Houseguests – Turn Order

I have a gaming family and I have gaming friends and even participate in a gaming group every now and again. But certain times of year I end up with a houseful of people who, while not game-haters, don’t...

Gaming In the Dark…With Kids! A Shadows in the Forest Review

Playing tabletop games in the dark is usually pretty difficult. It's one of the sacrifices we make for the joy of analog gaming. However, thanks to the inclusion of a tiny little lantern, Shadows in the Dark uses light as...

Board Games for Scary Season- Turn Order

Pour yourself a pumpkin latte and pass the candy, it's scary season! While actual horror can be hard to get across over a board game, there is no shortage of moody, eerie, or Halloweeny games to celebrate! Stay tuned...

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Dadhammering Through the Mortal Realms Part 8: Venial and Mortal Sins

In honor of facing (and losing) to Pontifex Zenestra, Matriarch of the Great Wheel (AKA Lady Pope; AKA the...
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