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How to Paint Everything: Power Weapons, Enchanted Weapons, and Lightsabers

In our How to Paint Everything series we look at how to paint, well, everything, with a look at different styles and approaches from different artists. In this article we're looking at how to paint both power weapons and...

Model Review: Tyranids

Bugs, bugs, and more bugs. Goonhammer reviews all the new Tyranid models. Spoilers: they're great!

Speed painting the Leviathan Box, Rockfish Style: An exercise in planning, mostly

This article is part of a larger series on How to Paint Tyranids. To return to that series, click here. If you've been following along on Goonhammer or on Warhammer Community, you've likely noticed that Rockfish is an incredibly prolific painter....

Goonhammer Miniature Review: Lion El’Jonson

The eternal rumor that has been thrown around for years finally came true, the Lion has decided to remerge after ten thousand years of reading in bed! With that GW has given us the second loyalist primarch as a...

Goonhammer Reviews the new Commander Farsight Model

Jack and Rockfish both painted up the fancy new Commander Farsight models. They're reviewing how the build and paint process went.

A Review of the Vashtorr Miniature

The new Wrath of the Soul-Forge King box comes with two new models: A larger Azrael with a new hat and a physical manifestation of Vashtorr, the newest player in the Great Game between the Gods of Chaos. If...

A Review of the Azrael Miniature

We were sent a preview copy of the new Primaris Azrael (or Big Azrael as Greg won't shut up about). Rockfish had at him with clippers and brush.

Model Review: Strike Force Agastus

Games Workshop sent us a whole pile of new Space Marines, and the team's been busy with their clippers and brushes. Here are at their thoughts on building and painting the new kits.

New World Eaters Miniatures – The Goonhammer Review

The new Codex isn't the only thing out for World Eaters next week - in addition to the new book there's also a new range of releases, including an update for one of the oldest plastic kits in the...

Year in Review: Rockfish’s 2022

Well, it looks like we’ve done another year. Not entirely sure when that happened, but geez was this a dense one for me! Between work, becoming a homeowner, and a gradual increase in the amount of socialization I felt...

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A History of Miniature Violence: A White Dwarf Retrospective

Since the earliest days of Games Workshop, White Dwarf has been a constant staple of the hobby. Long before...
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