Bandua 40K WTC Terrain Promotion

Here in the Goonhammer offices, we’re big fans of the terrain made by Bandua Wargaming. Simply put, it’s affordable, quick to assemble, easy to store, functional, and most importantly looks good – which is why we’ve bought a load of it ourselves and partnered with them for our Goonhammer Open events.

The biggest draw for us and something rather unique compared to many other MDF terrain sets is that it has designs printed onto the MDF, meaning that once it’s assembled it’s ready to serve as a backdrop for your games.

Bandua Boarding Zone – the noble Necron phalanx prepares a defence. Our review here

This week from Wednesday the 25th of October to Sunday the 29th they are running a promotion to celebrate the release of two new designs of their 40K WTC terrain – one perfect for the Aeldari perverts out there and another reminiscent of an Astra Militarum outpost. We’ll definitely be picking some up to mix our tables up.

If you’ve been wondering about getting a table of terrain for yourself or for your club now is the time, Bandua will have 20% off on the below ranges:

  • WTC Packs – which is perfect for tournament organisers wanting to pick up terrain in bulk. Wings’ review of these is here.
  • Battlefield Dark Millennium Packs – If you want an easy table, this is what you’re after. This comes with enough terrain items and mats to make for a fair and balanced game of 40K (Aeldari shenanigans aside)
  • Airas Box – A cost effective magnetic transport case for your armies, Beanith reviewed their similar mobile painting studio here.
  • Mats for you to put your fancy terrain on.

They’ll also have 15% off single terrain pieces and other 40K accessories. These accessories include the battlefield ruin areas, which are provide a nice way of using the new GW 10th edition layouts to provide a fair game without having to resort to reflective sheets of acrylic. Our review of these are here.

Corrode’s Wraithknight storms through a Tau Enclave at the UK GHO 2023. Our review of the WTC terrain here

Lastly, any orders over 100 Euro have free shipping, which means anyone can get in on this one – even our mates down under.