Beanith’s Hobby Progress – Year in Review 2020

Rob’s Note: Here I finally drew the goddamn avatar ARE YOU HAPPY NOW BEANITH

Yes. Totally worth all the harassment.

The Short December Roundup


Models Points

So I’m rounding out this dumpster fire of a year with some big number and it’s all because I’m finally building my smaller robot children for the my Necron Crusade Force aptly named 01000011 01101111 01110111 01100010 01101111 01111001 Beep Boop. I’ll be using these next year as part of a campaign and quasi slow grow that I’ll be running with some friends.

Beanith’s Beep Boop Crusade Army

I’ve primarily built the Necron Force using the contents of the Indomitus and Elite Starter boxes and I still have more laying around on the Cairn of Opportunity to assemble… assuming I don’t get distracted and build that Marine Biker army that tempts me so.

Painting-wise for the ‘Crons, I was after a Bronze/Copper look but I certainly wasn’t interested in paying $50 dollarydoos for the Runelord Brass undercoat from GW. Instead I crowdsourced some advice from the incredibly cool, smart, talented, probably attractive people found on the Goonhammer Patreon Discord and was pointed in the direction of the Vallejo Air Copper by Magos Sockbert. And I’ve been very happy with the results on my test models so far.

Beanith’s Test models

Games-wise I once again found myself at a local game store for a small 3-round tournament earlier in the month, during which many, many terrible decisions were made. It turns out my one-off Dark Angels Crusade army was not the best thing to bring to the monthly RTT and oh boy do I suck at picking Secondaries. Still, every game was a pleasure and I managed to snatch the Wooden Spoon from the jaws of victory/Coda in the final game in a very close 72 to 90 defeat. Later in the month I squeezed in a couple of small 1k point Crusade battles again with Coda. So on the upside, I’ve had fun playing some games.

So with all that out of the way, let’s move on to the most important part of this article: E-bragging about the entire year…


2020, why did you hurt me so?

Models Points
2020 BUILT TOTALS 263 7319
2020 PAINT TOTALS 160 6025

2020 was pretty much on par with last year’s results found here in my 2019 writeup for painting but I also certainly tried to make a massive dent in my Cairn of Opportunity. Unfortunately we all know that when you build one model, another grows to take its place and while I’m not entirely sure my wife buys that last bit, it’s as good an explanation as any that absolves me of culpability for how I managed to paint many models while my backlog never shrank.


Death Guard… lots and lots of Death Guard. Roughly half of everything I built this year was my little Green Nurgly Chaps. Mainly thanks to Warhammer Conquest which has finally reached its end here in the Land Downunder but also Mortal Realms which launched recently helped there too.

I’ve also contributed to my collection of terrain tubs (4 or 5?) with the ttCombat LGT terrain set.

Beanith’s WIP Terrain


Death Guard… lots and lots of Death Guard. Roughly half of everything I built painted this year was my little Green Nurgly Chaps.

Beanith’s Hobby Shots 2020

Being part of Goonhammer’s Paint Brigade, I’ve painted a lot of stuff I normally wouldn’t have and it was an awesome excuse to try out some new techniques and paint things that weren’t green for a change. No excuse to buy more paints here, no sir.

Beanith’s HTPE series

My favorite model of the year was my Lord of Contagion Stinky Steeve, and not just because Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones said it was his favorite. (Rob’s Note: Still is)

Stinky Steeve – Credit Beanith


Not nearly as many as I’d like but 2020 happened so what can you do. Coda moved up and we played a lot of hams together once we confirmed neither of us were That Guy (fuck you, Leeroy Jenkins) or Serial Killers. This was important because as our parents’ generation has stressed to me so many, many times, any time you meet someone from the internet “eye are ell” you need to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL because they are likely to be serial killers… or worse, multilevel marketers. And who am I to say that’s wrong?

We’ve had a few games that I’ve mentioned before in other articles and Coda also got us involved with his FLGS’ small 3-round tournaments, which was a bit of a step outside my comfort zone but I’ve had a blast with meeting new people and discovering that I am absolutely terrible at choosing Secondaries and I should really stick things in reserves more often. I look forward to one day meeting Greg at the bottom table of a Goonhammer Tournament and having the chance to definitively prove who is the real worst.

Of course there were also the far more relaxing games of Garage Hammer with old mates (and new) as well as some Necromunda and Blackstone Fortress to change it up


A wise man once said “all things are “hobby” if you squint hard enough” and I’ve been doing fairly well on that front with daily posts on Instagram. Shout out to dunkelbrauu and others for their encouragement on that front.

Beanithpie’s Insta Posts 2020

My Hobby Station is trundling along and in theory keeps my desk tidy. I’m almost out of space on the top for GW style paint pots but I have plenty of room on the Dropper bottle rack. I’m looking at transferring some of the GW pots to dropper bottles as I’ve recently lost my Grey Seer and Wraithbone pots to the poor lid seal design. You will hear some great stories of GW’s customer service, this wasn’t one of them. That said, the lids are perfectly fine for the Contrast paints so no worries there.

Beanith’s Hobby Area

My Death Guard project has almost slowed to a halt, Steeve the Daemon Prince finally arrived and I’m slowly smooshing him now. But once he’s done I’ll be taking a break from my little Green Nurgly Chaps so this Trello project will be on hold for now

Beanith’s Prince Steeve

Beanith’s Spoiled Hams Trello

And instead I’ll be working on my Necron Crusade Force which is also part of a Slow Grow that I and my mates are involved in tied in very loosely with our Crusade Campaign. I already have the Trello board built and everything!

Beanith’s Necron Crusade Trello

Plans for 2021

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • I’ve promised Rob and Liam more articles already so I could start work on those at some point… or I could faff about in Satisfactory some more instead.
  • At some point I want to borrow a friend’s airbrush and just smash out the base coat on a lot of Necrons.
  • I need to learn how to play said Necrons. In the first three games I’ve been absolutely pasted by Coda and his Butter Knives of Debbies.
  • Oh and play more Hams too.
  • I really hope I can travel safely internationally again in 2021. I want to find out if the other Goonhammer writers are just as cool IRL as online… and not Serial killing MLM

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