Broken Realms: Be’lakor Part 5 – Kharadron Overlords

One of the main locations Be’lakor’s rampage of destruction tears through is Chamon, Realm of Metal. For there Tzeentch and the Kharadron Overlords fight each other for the precious metals contained within. The Hallowed Knights of the Stormcast Eternals stage an epic battle here, and the Duardin who inhabit the realm offer their aide. To assist them they come with new Triumphs and a new battalion to represent the battle.

Guild Triumphs

A few tables of Triumphs to spend your aether gold shares on for different heroes is the biggest thing that the Kharadrons got in this book. The majority happen in the hero phase, giving you more chances to actually use your shares of aether gold since they can only be used once per phase. Aether-Khemists, Endrinmasters, and Navigators each get 2 new Triumphs to use. Of course they are still once per battle but if you use a share of aether gold then they can be used multiple times. 


  • Extends the Aetheric Augmentation ability to 18” instead of 12” and can suddenly be used by a Khemist that’s in a garrison on units that are also part of the garrison. No more needing to get out of your sky vessels to be able to make use of this hero’s main ability. Best used when targeting a huge unit of Thunderers within the same Ironclad probably, if that’s your thing, to maximise the re-rolls 1’s to wound from within a ship. 
  • Probably not using this as often, but, in the shooting phase pick one of the weapons of a Skyvessel that the Khemist is garrisoning and that weapon can re-roll hits of 1 for that phase. If you’ve already used the Skyvessel’s share to re-roll all hits then this can be nice for some extra hits if you don’t have a use for the first one. Ok to have you your sleeve but you’re not racing to use this. 


  • When using their command ability, can use this to make the command ability cost zero command points, and get +1 to the roll of wounds healed. Being able to heal for free for more wounds healed is never a bad thing, since you’re re-rolling the dice from the ability anyways you have a good chance at healing enough to make a difference on the damage table now. 
  • Make the ship explode. If garrisoned on a sky vessel when it dies, before rolling to see if any garrisoned models are slain, spend the share of aether gold to mske the ship blow up potential causing mortal wounds on all enemies within 3” of the ship, roll a dice: on a 1 nothing happens; 2-3 1 mortal wound to all units within 3”; 4-5 D3 mortal wounds; on a 6 its D6 mortal wounds. The tricky part here is making use of this in a phase when you didn’t want to use a share of aether gold already, make it incredibly reactionary and situational, but nice to know about in case the situation does arrive. 


  • Before attempting to dispel an endless spell, you can re-roll the dice for doing so. Why? Why does it make you use this before rolling to see if you already dispelled it and not afterwards? Most abilities in newer books/armies seem to allow you to modify dice rolls after you failed the first time. If you dearly need to get rid of an endless spell I guess you’ll use this for a bit more of a guarantee to remove it?
  • Get-the-hell-outta-dodge is what they could have called this one: the sky vessel that the navigator is garrisoning can move an extra D6” and can re-roll run and charge rolls. Nice to use as a last ditch if the vessel has too few wounds remaining to use Fly High

Credit: Ellarr

Drongon’s Aether-Runners

Barak-Zilfin only. Sorry any other sky port, these guys are locked to Zilfin. 120 points buys you a battalion of

  •  Endrinmaster is Dirigible Suit that becomes a unique named character
  • 2 units of either Skywardens or Endrinrigger.

The Endrinmaster no longer being able to have a Command Trait or Artefact of {ower hurts since you were probably taking it as your General to make the other 2 units in this battalion battleline. What you gain is +3” move on these units and each unit can choose a Sky Vessel within 3” of them to also gain +3” move for that turn. This would have been pretty awesome on Barak-Zon for the combat boosts, but as Barak-Zilfin don’t actually have much use for the extra movement. If you’re taking these units already, have the points spare, and were already going with Zilfin then sure, take the battalion, but otherwise you can pretty much just ignore it. 

Respect the Code

The Triumphs are a nice boost to Kharadrons as a whole, for the most part they’re pretty situational, but for many being able to use the hero’s share of aether gold in the hero phase adds some utility to their uses since you can only use one once per phase across your army, but you’re not necessarily rushing to use any of them outside of the Khemists re-rolls to wound while still aboard an Ironclad. Also want to note that the points costs on these heros hasn’t changed either, so they just get to use these triumphs if they want, without having lost anything. 

The battalion you’re not going to be taking much or seeing much of. If it didn’t lock you into Zilfin and didn’t make the hero unique without still getting to have the Zilfin command trait then maybe you’d see it more. I’m not sure why the Seraphon battalion gives the command trait explicitly, but this just didn’t follow the same format. Strange.

Up Next – Nighthaunt

The Forces of Order aren’t the only ones fighting Be’lakor and his rampaging anarchy. The Nighthaunts of the Court of Lady Olynder also have reason to fight, and are given many, many new tools to aide them in this struggle. Stick around for the next part in our Be’lakor coverage!