Buttscribe Has Been Updated!

Hi Everyone, Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones here with EXCITING NEWS about Buttscribe, aka THE BEST DATACARD CREATION TOOL EVER CREATED. After months of requests, badgering, and hounding, Greg “ANAmal.net” Chiasson finally gave in and updated the software with a NEW FEATURE:

  • Buttscribe can now print in “one datacard per page” mode. So if you’ve previously been frustrated by cards that didn’t fit on a page because of all the rules they had, NOW IS YOUR TIME. Unless you’re taking a Mastodon. Those still don’t fit. But no one has ever fielded a Mastodon in 40k 8th edition and I won’t hear lies to the contrary. Also Magnus doesn’t fit if you pick psychic powers for him but you shouldn’t be doing that before the game starts, anyways.
  • Also some other layout improvements, I’ve been told. I didn’t ask Greg for these, so who cares

So head over to the Buttscribe app to start making your awesome new larger datacards.