The UA is a team of dubious distinction in the FUMBBL Ranked Open League

An Evil Lord’s Guide to Fumbbling Around In The Darkness

The time has come for the annual FUMBBL Cup 2018. An open knockout tournament of massive scale, a chance for the best coaches and teams to compete for glory and riches!

The hopes of UNDERLEAGUE ATHLETICAL‘s fans have never been higher. A recent run of improved form puts the team in the best shape it has ever seen.* A bit of friendly inter-coach banter** during a recent match led to the Athleticals’ head coach submitting the team for approval to be entered into the 2018 Cup season.

* Two Draws and a Win from three matches. Believe it or not, this is a stark improvement for the team, whose overall record stands at W3 / D6 / L25.
** If you don’t sign up, you’re a loser and a coward, unworthy of the skin with which you clothe your person…” Etc. Etc.

Round One of the tournament runs 17th-24th October, so expect a series of reports charting the progress of the Athleticals and ongoing development of the team. The likely outcome is for a Round 1 crash-out, so we may have a short series on our hands.

NEXT UP: Meet The Team!