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G’day everyone! I hope you’re still enjoying CODAHAMMER and all of its extremely cool and good content.

I have some bad news. BLOGATRON 9000, a robot created solely to make VIRAL content, has exploded after making the pets of Goonhammer article.

It was too perfect an article. I’m shattered.

So shattered that I couldn’t possibly write any more CODA DAY articles until next year, so I decided to go ahead and make some good OLD FASHIONED FILLER CONTENT. But like, EXTREMELY COOL AND GOOD filler content, not the regular bullshit links we do every Sunday. This is totally different.

So welcome to CODA WE LIKED, a list of the best posts on Goonhammer, ranked in order of goodness.

20 Years of Coda-ing: A Hobby Retrospective
by Coda!

I am putting this right here, first on the list because it absolutely chaps Liam’s ass that this was, for a long time, the most-viewed single post on the site. Join me on a trip through history as I talk about the first model I ever painted and how far I have come. Or had come, when I wrote this series like two years ago. I probably at least 10% better now. I hope. Oh god what if I’m notsendhelp.

These Swords Own
This is also by Coda? Amazing!

Swords fuckin’ own and this definitive ranking of swords is all about swords. So by the transitive property, this article also rules.

Spears of the Emperor Content
by Coda, mostly!

The Spears of the Emperor, featured in ADB’s 10/10 book Spear of the Emperor, are one of the coolest chapters in of space marines in all of 40k lore. Possibly even the second coolest. Behold these amazing articles about them. Honestly the review is probably the best thing I’ve written, ever, in my entire life:

HOT CODA TAKE: Which Pet Is Best Pet: The Goodest Boys And Girls Of Goonhammer.
by Coda, also features cool pictures of dogs and cats of Codahammer!

Just look at that title. You want to click this now.

The Swords of Davion
Even more cool content by Coda!

By far the most Cool And Good chapter of Space Marines ever conceived, the Swords of Davion have everything you could ever want in a marine chapter: Swords, green armour, swords, jump packs, and swords. In this series of articles, you will learn everything you need to know about the Swords of Davion and how they are incredibly rad.

Painting Guides That Are Worth Reading
Also by Coda!

The best painting and hobby guides on the site are all right here:

Welp, That’s All the Good Content On the Site

OK, that’s it. Join us next year when we have all new, all wonderful CODA APPROVED COOL AND GOOD CONTENT.

Wow. This article based website stuff is easy.

Wait hang on.

I’ve been informed that I have to do this EVERYDAY? Like seriously, 3 posts a day.


I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THIS. Fuck this I’m out!

I’m giving the site back to the false admin, no one told me I actually had to do work or have responsibility.

Before you go please comment on this article to annoy Liam or if you have any questions for me, Coda, also do the comment thing or send email to  or better yet tag us on Twitter or hit something with the #goonhammer tag.

As for me you can find me:

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