Codex: Chaos Daemons FAQ Hot Take

Games Workshop dropped a FAQ for Codex: Chaos Daemons today, and as always we’re here to provide insight on what’s changed.

Be’lakor does not gain every Warp Storm Effect

“Supreme Command” was added to the list of LEGIONES DAEMONICA Detachments that are excluded from Warp Storm Effects to explicitly ensure that Be’lakor in a Supreme Command Detachment did not gain access to the effects of every Chaos God.

Multiple entries were updated with explicit wording

  • The wording of the Brass Stampede Stratagem was changed so that instead of reading “on a” particular result it says “for each”. This change explicitly ensures that every model in a unit can potentially inflict mortal wounds.
  • Daemonic saving throws normally cannot be modified, but the Armour of Scorn Relic has an ability which adds 1 to any saving throws made against attacks with a Damage characteristic of 1. The text has been updated to explicitly state that the bonus applies even if the save is Daemonic.
  • Bladed Horns are malefic weapons (meaning their characteristics cannot be changed) that included an ability which changed the Strength characteristic to +2 when the bearer charged. The FAQ has now updated the text to explicitly note that the ability works as intended.
  • The Slothful Claws was also updated to explicitly state that the Relic will improve the Damage characteristic of the upgraded weapon regardless of whether it is malefic (which was the case with ravaging claws).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Games Workshop clarified that Be’lakor could gain powers from the Warprot Discipline from the Pestilent Inspiration Stratagem as he is a NURGLE PSYKER.
  • The FAQ clarified that, unless otherwise specified, it is not possible to modify the characteristics of an attack made with a malefic weapon (not just characteristics of the weapon itself). This means that you need to carefully examine what is actually being affected by an ability, and addresses a major oversight regarding malefic weapons which we will cover below.
  • Syll’Esske’s Warlord Trait was confirmed to be Aura of Bewitchment even though SLAANESH HERALD models normally cannot have this trait.
  • Some clarification was provided regarding the Dark Invigoration Warp Storm Effect. Only models that started the battle as part of that unit can be returned to it using Dark Invigoration, while models that were added to the unit as a result of a split (such as two Blue Horrors split from a Pink Horror) are not affected. The example provided states that if a unit with nine Pink Horrors loses one that’s split into two Blue Horrors, Dark Invigoration will bring back the Pink Horror that was destroyed leaving the unit with 9 Pink Horrors in addition to the two Blue Horrors.

What This Means

The FAQ contains several useful corrections, an important nerf, and a significant clarification for malefic weapons. Addressing oversights with regards to specific Relics and weapons is helpful.

The change to Be’lakor and Warp Storm Effects means that you can no longer gain access to a particular God’s Effects by taking Be’lakor and a detachment that mixes and matches your desired units. You can still put him as a HQ choice in Patrol or Battalion, but using Be’lakor as a route to unlock all of the Warp Storm Effects is no longer an option. Generally the pool is so limited that it’s difficult to contort your list to open up too many options anyway. This also prevents the Disciplines of Be’lakor Army of Renown from gaining access to God-specific Warp Storm Effects.

The most significant change is to malefic weapons. As we covered in a recent Ruleshammer article, the vast majority of modifiers in the game apply to attacks and not weapons. The FAQ explicitly states that the characteristics of an attack of a malefic weapon cannot be changed. This means that you cannot reduce their Armour Penetration characteristic from Armour of Contempt or Damage characteristic via abilities like Disgustingly Resilient, Ramshackle, or Duty Eternal. It also means that the Plague of Rust Warp Storm Effect will not work on attacks made with malefic weapons. Abilities which modify the characteristics of the model or rolls still work. For example the Shadowkeeper’s Warden of the Dark Cells reduces the Attacks characteristics of an attacking model, while Harlequin’s Panoply imposes a -1 to hit rolls.

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